Saturday, 27 April 2013

There are visitors in our house at the moment. One of them is Uncle Ben. The others are friends of the parents staffs', who come from the old and boring times they had before I was here.

Some of the friends are called Matt and Cat, and they belong to each other like mummy and daddy belong to each other. I have met them before and they are very good fun. The other friend is called Dan. I have never met him before, but he is fun too. He is smaller than a lot of other grown-ups, and he talks a lot and laughs at many things that I do. It is nice to hang out with a grown-up who understands how funny you are. 

When I woke up this morning, I saw that the parent staff were sleeping on the bed in my room. This must have been because there were friends staying in their normal bedroom. Sometimes this happens when we have friends to stay. 

I thought that it might be nice for the parent staff to hear some good-morning stories, so I pulled some books down into my cot and read them out in a nice, loud voice so that the parent staff could hear them. 

After a few stories, mummy got out of bed to get me out of my cot, and then she took me downstairs for breakfast.

While we were eating our breakfast, Uncle Ben and Dan came into the dining room and sat down to talk to me and mummy. Mummy started feeding them muffins and yogurt, and I thought that I might like to have some of this, since all I had eaten was boring porridge. So I stood by Uncle Ben's knee, grinned up at him, and said: "He-yo Uncle Ben!"

Then I looked at his muffin and said, "He-yo muffin!" 

Mummy calls this "scrounging". She says that I should not "scrounge" from visitors - but I find that visitors are the best people to "scrounge" from, because they are more likely to feed me than staff are.

Uncle Ben is a great person to "scrounge" from. He kept taking sneaky looks at mummy, and then quickly passing me bits of muffin when she wasn't looking. I reckon that I got about half a muffin through my "scrounging" from Uncle Ben ... not bad work, really.

Matt and Cat and daddy all got up soon after this, and I grabbed Cat and made her come and play with me and my animal cards in the living room. Cat loved this very much. I think it was her favourite part of the day. 

When everyone had eaten their breakfasts and put their proper clothes on, we all walked down the road to the bus stop, and rode on a big bus all the way into town. Then we went to listen to some music near where the shops are. 

The music was good but mummy had brought a big picnic for us, and mummy's picnics always make it rain. I sat on mummy's knee to eat my picnic, and then I ran round and round the picnic space to keep myself warm, and I let daddy chase me round so that he could stay warm too. Very kind of me, I think.

After we had finished our picnic, everyone decided that it was too cold to sit still any longer, so we all got up and went for a look around the shops. It was very busy and colourful and exciting, so I made a few attempts to escape from the parent staff and make myself some new friends. There were many pigeons, and interesting people who I didn't know, who I think would have made lovely friends for me.

The parent staff were not very happy about this, though, and they made me ride in my buggy instead of walking on my own. I was cross about this, but at least it meant that my little feet got to have a rest for a while.  

When we were tired of the shops, we all got back on the bus and came back home. Back at home I had my nap, and then daddy got me up and took me to the park with the friends while mummy made dinner for us all. 

Dinner time was fun because all of the friends were there to talk to me while I was eating. It is nice to have people to talk to at dinner time, and to tell you how good you are at using your fork. I showed off my fork skills by shouting "Stab!", and poking my fork into bits of chicken that were waiting in my bowl to be eaten.

I was not very happy when the parent staff told me that it was time for bed, because I wanted to stay up and play with the friends. When mummy asked me to kiss everyone goodnight, I started to cry loudly and say "No! No!" in my it's-not-fair voice.

Mummy told me that I was going to go to bed anyway, so I might as well give all of the friends a kiss before I went. So in the end I wiped a snotty, teary kiss on each of them, and then let the parent staff carry me away for my bath.

I had calmed down by the time the parent staff put me into bed - mainly because I know that there is no point arguing with the parent staff, because they are just very mean and very stubborn people. But when I am a grown-up, I am going to stay up all night long, and play games and eat cakes, and never go to bed EVER ... and the parent staff will not be able to do ANYTHING about it!

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