Saturday, 15 June 2013

I have stopped brawling with the parent staff about my potty now.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the parent staff are very stubborn creatures, and they have not stopped pestering me to do my wees and poos in my potty, even though I made it clear that I would rather do them in my knickers.

But also, I have found that I get lots of attention for using my potty. Everyone claps and tells me how clever I am, and once or twice I have even won prizes. Yesterday I didn't wee or poo in my knickers all day long, and I won loads of stickers.

I used the stickers to decorate all kinds of things in the house and make them prettier ... the carpet, the walls, and the parent staff. Everything looks much prettier now - especially the parent staff.

I am liking my potty much better now, too. Daddy has drawn a big smiley face on it, and given it a name. It is called "Peter Potty-face". Peter Potty-face is kind and happy, and he is always very pleased with me when I do a wee or a poo in him. This is a very strange thing, but there you go.

Anyway ...

Today me and the parent staff and Peter Potty-face have come to visit Granny. This has been good because in the village where Granny lives, there is a fair on today, and the parent staff took me to the fair so that I could play games and go on the bouncy castle and the swings, and we could all eat cake together. The bouncy castle was my favourite part. I went on it for a long time, and lots of little girls who were bigger than me kept coming up and holding my hands, and trying to teach me how to bounce. Mummy says that it is nice that other little girls want to be my friends.

While I was on the bouncy castle, the parent staff sat on the grass and watched me play. Then, when they thought that it was time to go, they stood up and came to get me, and I ran away to the other end of the bouncy castle and buried my face in the wall, and laughed and laughed and laughed because they couldn't reach me.

Granny's house has also been super-good today because at the moment, Uncle Ben is staying there. I love Uncle Ben. He is very tall and very skinny, and he doesn't say much, not like other grown-ups ... I think that he is wonderful. I talk about him lots to the parent staff when he is not around ... and then when he is around, I like to stand next to him and stare up at his face and grin.

Today, after the fair, mummy took me back to Granny's house and went to make me a drink that I didn't want. Granny's house has long paths in it, and off the paths are lots of different rooms - and one of the rooms belongs to Uncle Ben. I felt that instead of drinking my drink, I would like to go and stare at Uncle Ben, so I ran away down the long path and dived into Uncle Ben's room before mummy could stop me.

Uncle Ben was playing a game on his computer, and he didn't even look at me when I came in and stood next to him, even though he knew that I was there.

Then mummy must have realised that I had escaped, because I could hear her at the other end of the path shouting "Georgia, come here please!"

I said "No!" ... but very very quietly, so that mummy wouldn't hear me ... and Uncle Ben sniggered and carried on playing his game.

Mummy called me a few more times, and every time she called me I said no ... and Uncle Ben sniggered and didn't tell mummy where I was because he is cool, and he is on my side and not mummy's.

Then mummy went quiet and I felt a bit suspicious about what she might be doing, so I peeped my head out of Uncle Ben's door and there she was, staring at me and looking not very impressed!!!

So I dived back inside and buried my head in Uncle Ben's bed and laughed, and mummy came to get me and told Uncle Ben off for hiding me away when she was looking for me.

Uncle Ben sniggered some more, and mummy took me away and made me drink my drink, and it was just as boring as I had thought it would be.

I was very sleepy at the end of today, after all of my playing and hiding and bouncing. The parent staff tell me that it is the last day of our holiday tomorrow, and that after this they will be going back to work. This is sad because I have enjoyed the holiday ... but I'm sure that I will still have lots of fun, because I am small and I don't have to go to work like the grown-ups ... ha ha ha.

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