Saturday, 22 June 2013

Today we have been having a treat day for daddy. This is because, a while ago, daddy had a birthday, and me and mummy bought him a treat day as a present. Sometimes grown-ups have birthdays, as well as little people - and then they get to have presents, even though their birthdays are not as important as the little people's.

For daddy's treat day, we took him to a castle, and he got to make friends with an owl. Daddy likes owls very much. In fact, daddy likes all kinds of birds ... the big ones with long beaks, who look at you like they think you would taste very nice.

When we got to the castle we were late, like we usually are, so daddy jumped out of the car and ran off to meet his owl, and mummy drove us into the car park to find somewhere for our car to rest.

I had a bit of a funny feeling in my tummy, and just as mummy got me out of the car the funnynes came right up my insides in a big cough, and I was sick all over the stones on the floor.

I do not like being sick at all ... it is a horrible, horrible feeling ... and so I started to howl, and I put my arms out for mummy to give her a big sicky hug.

Mummy picked me up and gave me a cuddle, and she took off my sicky jumper and cleaned me up with baby wipes. I stopped howling after this, and now that the sick was on the floor and not in my tummy, I did not feel so funny any more.

I was a bit unhappy about the mess on the floor, though. I pointed it out to mummy and said, "Mummy, will you clean my cough off the stones, peese?"

Mummy said that she did not need to clean the stones, because soon it would rain and the rain would clean them for us. She said that instead, we should go into the castle and clean our sicky hands.

I was not that bothered about cleaning my hands, but I did think that it might be fun to go into the castle, so I went with mummy to explore and find a bathroom.

We found a bathroom and it was the poshest bathroom EVER. It was very clean, and it had very shiny taps and big gold mirrors that were as tall as me. We washed our hands with some nice pink soap, and then we found some posh cream and put this on our hands as well, just for fun. And then mummy made me put my hands against my nose and sniff them to see what the posh cream smelled like, and she asked me what I thought of it. I told her that it was gorgeous, thank you.

When we had finished playing in the bathroom, we went back outside and saw daddy playing with his owl. I shouted "He-yo, daddy-boy!" and waved. Daddy could not wave back, because the owl was sitting on his hand, but I know that he was pleased to see me.

Then it started to rain, and me and mummy ran away into our car to hide. We sat in the car and read books until the rain stopped ... and when we got back out of the car again, it turned out that mummy was right ... the stones were nice and clean again! Rain must be magic.

Daddy came back to us soon after this, and I was starting to feel hungry so I asked if we could all go for lunch in a cafe. Mummy was not sure about this because she was worried that I might have a poorly tummy again, but in the end she said that we could go to the cafe because it was daddy's treat day, and daddy needed some cake.

I had egg on toast in the cafe and it was yummy. While we were eating our food, daddy kept asking mummy if he could get a "kess-trul" for the garden. Apparently a "kess-trul" is a bird that daddy wants to keep as a pet. Mummy kept saying no to this, but daddy kept asking anyway. He was very pestery - much more pestery than I am. I know that there is no point in pestering mummy, because mummy doesn't change her mind when you pester her. What daddy should really do is just get a kess-trul anyway, and not ask mummy if it is okay. This would mean that daddy is in trouble, and mummy will tell him off ... but it will be too late by then, because the kess-trul will already be his pet.

Sometimes I think that daddy does not know how to handle mummy at all.

We all went for a walk after we had finished our lunch, and I was happy because my tummy was not feeling funny at all any more. After the walk we went back home in our car, and played games until bedtime.

Daddy gave me a big hug at bedtime, and said thank you for his treat day. I think that daddy has had a very nice treat day. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow, he will have a kess-trul to show me. If he does, then mummy will be very cross. Heh.

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