Thursday, 27 June 2013

I have discovered a new problem to do with my "potty trey-ning". Even though me and Peter Potty-face are much better friends than we used to be, I still do not like to use him when I do my poos.

Wees are fine. Wees are even funny. They made a nice tinkly sound as they go into the potty, and then they get poured away into the toilet (or behind a tree, if we are out in the park). And it is all nice and easy. 

But poos? Poos are gross and stinky, and doing them where everyone can see me is just weird and wrong

As a matter of fact, I have done quite a few poos in my potty. But that was before I realised just how wrong it was. Now I try to get out of doing potty poos, in a number of sneaky ways.

Sneaky way number one is where I store up my poo in my bottom for as long as possible, and then, when it is time for my nap, I poo it all out into my nappy. And then when the parent staff come to get me up after nap time - there it is, waiting for them! Ha ha ha.

Sneaky way number two is where I feel my poo coming, and so I tell the parent staff "I need a poo!" ...  but by the time they get Peter Potty-face to my bottom, the poo has already escaped into my knickers. Ha ha ha.

Sneaky way number three is where I just do the poo in my knickers straight away, and then casually tell the parent staff that this is where it is. Sneaky way number three is not my favourite way to poo, if I'm being honest, because it tends to make the parent staff unhappy, no matter how casual I sound when I tell them what I've done. So today I came up with the sneakiest plan of all, and tried it out to see what would happen.

Today is Thursday - which means baby classes day for me and mummy. We had lots of fun, as usual, and I did really well with my climbing and my swimming. In between climbing and swimming, we had lunch time and nap time, and sadly I didn't have any poo ready to go into my nappy by the time I went for my nap. 

After swimming class, though, we came home and I went to play in my playroom while mummy was making dinner ... and then I realised that I need to poo! Of course I didn't want to call for Peter Potty-face, so instead I did the poo right into my knickers. And then I thought about the parent staff being unhappy about this ... and this is when I came up with my very sneaky plan. 

First, I managed to tip the poo out of my knickers onto the floor. Then I wandered into the kitchen, found mummy, and told her: "Mummy, there is a poo in my playroom."

Mummy looked at me for a little while, like she didn't know what to say. Then she asked me: "Why is there a poo in the playroom, Georgia?"

I didn't really want to answer this question, so instead I decided to tell her a bit more about the poo itself. So I said: "It is on the floor. It is small."

Mummy asked me to show her where the poo was. Then she followed me into the playroom and looked down at the poo on the floor, and for a while she didn't say anything at all. This worried me a bit because mummy does not often not say anything. I didn't know what the next part of the plan was ... so eventually I said: "I will clean up the poo."

Mummy started to speak then, to stop me from trying to clean up the poo. She said that cleaning up the poo is her job, not mine. 

Well, I don't want to argue, if this is what mummy really wants ...

But then mummy finished speaking by telling me that from now on, I should try to do my poos in Peter Potty-face, and not on the floor. 

I really don't know how she knew that the poo was mine, after all my sneakiness. Maybe mummy has magic powers. Or maybe my plan was just not as sneaky as I thought it was ...

Anyway, the poo got cleaned up and my bottom behaved itself for the rest of the day. At bedtime tonight the parent staff told me that tomorrow they will have an exciting surprise for me. I wonder what it will be? 

Sometimes the parent staff can be even sneaker than I am. 

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