Saturday, 29 June 2013

The parent staff have been in a very giddy mood today. This is because we have a new house!!!

When I woke up this morning, the parent staff were asleep on the big bed in my bedroom. This happens when we have friends to stay, and the friends stay in the parent staff's room.

The parent staff are not that much fun early in the morning - especially daddy. When I wake up and the parent staff are there in my room, I usually ignore them and read books to myself until they wake up.

That is what I did this morning. I got a pile of books from my bookcase, took them back to bed with me, and read them, VERY LOUDLY, over and over again.

I was telling myself the story about the bear who goes to the moon, very loudly, for the fourth or fifth time, when I was rudely interrupted by daddy ... who sat up in bed with his hair sticking out all over the place, and roared in his angry dragon voice: "Georgia, will you BE QUIET!!!"

Mummy sat up too, then, and told daddy not to be so grumpy. She said that my reading was cute, and that she had been enjoying listening to my stories. Then she lifted me onto the big bed and told me that the parent staff had something very exciting to tell me.

The parent staff started grinning then, in that cheeky way that they do, and then they said that we have got a new house, and that we were going to visit it today.

This sounded like fun! So we all got up and went to have breakfast. And while we were having breakfast, Uncle Pete and Auntie Lue appeared ... so THEY were the reason why the parent staff were sleeping in my bedroom!

Uncle Pete and Auntie Lue had breakfast with us, and then Auntie Beccy came round, and the grown-ups ran backwards and forward putting loads of stuff from our house into mummy's car, and Auntie Lue's car, and Auntie Beccy's car. The cars looked pretty messy when they had finished.

And then we all got into our cars and drove, drove, drove, to the village where we go to play sometimes. And that is where the new house is!!!

The new house is STRANGE! It is not like our usual house - it has no mess, and nothing to sit on, and no beds or toys or ANYTHING!

But it does have a big, green garden full of plants that daddy says are "weeeeds" ... What a funny word. "Weeeeds!" Ha.

The grown-ups carried all of the stuff from the cars into the new house, and then they walked around the house exploring, and whenever one of them walked past me I grinned at them and said: "Welcome to my yuvly yuvly house!"

When we had explored for long enough, we all walked through the village to the cafe and had lunch. It was a very nice lunch, and we sat outside because it was so nice and sunny.

Then we went to the playground and played on the swings and the climbing frame, and I picked "weeeeds" for the grown-ups.

After that we walked back home to the new house, and sat in the garden until it was time for Uncle Pete and Auntie Lue and Auntie Beccy to go back home again.

Me and the parent staff stayed in the new house until bedtime. Mummy says that we are not going to stay in the new house every night, because we still have to stay in our normal house for a while. But sometimes, we can come to the new house to "camp".

The parent staff set up a "camp" in my bedroom. They put my travel cot up for me to sleep in, and they hung a big blue sheet over the window instead of a curtain. Then we read my bedtime story sitting on the carpet, and the parent staff put my story CD on for me to listen to when they put me into bed.

(I have a story CD at bedtime now, after my parent staff story. This helps me to not be as cross about bedtime, and the parent staff are happy about this.)

The parent staff gave me very giddy cuddles at bedtime tonight, and asked me if I am excited to be in the new house. I am excited. I am not as giddy as the parent staff, but I am very happy to have a big garden all for me. I have never had a garden before.

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