Monday, 8 October 2012

The parent staff have been very cruel to me today.

This morning daddy was still working in the far away place, where the "aer-o-plane" took him to, and mummy was at work, so I spent the day playing at Jenny's house again. 

It was fun at Jenny's house. I ate lots and played with the other babies, and we went to a play group in the morning where there were lots of cool toys. Then in the afternoon I painted a "rock-et", and Jenny let us make our own pizzas for tea. My pizza was fabulous.  

At the end of the day, daddy came to pick me up, and I was so happy to see him that I put my head down on his shoulder and cried. Daddy was not very thrilled about this, because he had expected me to jump about and shout his name and cheer and look excited, and not to cry ... but I was very tired and emotional after not seeing him for so long; and anyway, he should not be so conceited. 

Daddy took me back home to mummy and we went inside and played with my toys. Then mummy let me have a pudding and I didn't have to eat any proper dinner first, because I had already eaten my fabulous pizza at Jenny's house. This was all very nice - but this was before the parent staff started to be cruel to me.

After we had played with my toys for a while, the parent staff took me upstairs and put me in the bath. I was feeling very tired and grumpy by this point, after my busy day, and I was telling the parent staff so by whinging at them whenever they did anything at all. I thought that they needed to know how I felt.

The parent staff were not very sympathetic to my whinging, and they made me get into my pyjamas and go to bed as usual after my story and milk. I was still very tired, but I did not like the idea of going to bed at all, because I had realised that I needed to be very cross about everything that the parent staff asked me to do. 

Because of this, when the parent staff left my room, I had an epic bed paddy where I rolled onto my tummy and cried and cried and cried for aaaaages. I did not have any real tears to go with my crying, but I made up for this by making a very large amount of noise instead. I also shouted out names whilst I was crying, to see if anyone would come and rescue me from my cot. I tried shouting the parent staffs' names a few times, but of course they were too cruel to come and rescue me - so then I tried "gran", "der", "granny", "al", and a few times I bellowed for Harvey as well. 

No one came in to me though, until eventually the door opened and mummy came in with her cross face on, and told me to stop being silly and to go to sleep. Mummy is a very mean person and she was not at all sorry for making me so unhapy. She wrapped me back up in my blanket and gave me a kiss (but it was a cross kiss), and then she went back out again.

I would like to cry some more but I really am very tired, and anyway the crying obviously isn't working because the parent staff are too cruel to care about my rage. 

Maybe I will just go to sleep instead. 

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