Saturday, 6 October 2012

Daddy has not been home at all today. This is because he has gone somewhere far away to work. I know that it is far away, because he had to go on an "aer-o-plane" to get there. Me and mummy took daddy to the "aer-o-plane" yesterday in our car, and mummy told me that he will be away for three days. When mummy talked about the "aer-o-plane" I said "niam", which is what "aer-o-planes" say when they are in the sky.

Daddy does not want us to be lonely while he is away, so he has been very sneaky and he has arranged lots of surprises for us to enjoy until he comes home.

One of the surprises is that Uncle Ben and Auntie Al are here, are so are the grandparent staff. This morning mummy went out with Uncle Ben and Auntie Al, and the grandparent staff took me on a trip to see my great aunt and uncle, and some of daddy's cousins.

This was very good fun, because I was admired lots and the cousins taught me how to play "golf".

"Golf" is a game that you play in the garden. You have to hold a big stick and hit a little ball with it, and make the ball go far away. I found that I am very good at "golf", and everyone was impressed by how good I was.

We had lunch with the cousins, and then the grandparent staff put me back in the car so that we could go to meet mummy and Uncle Ben and Auntie Al, who had gone to a village in the countryside.

I fell asleep in the car on the way there, and I was woken up by Uncle Ben, who wanted me to get out of the car so that he could pester me. The grandparent staff went into a cafe while the other staff took me to play on the swings and the big field.

When we were sitting on the big field, the grown-ups wanted to play cards, but I thought that we should go for a walk instead. So I stole mummy's changing bag and dragged it across the field with me.

The changing bag is nearly as big as I am. It has all of my nappies and spare clothes in it, and some toys to keep me busy while we are out and about. It has lots of other interesting things in it as well, like packets of tissues and tubs of snacks. If I dig deep in the changing bag I can usually find something exciting to play with, that mummy doesn't want me to have.

Because the changing bag is so big, it is also very heavy, and I fell over many times when I was stealing it. This was very funny, and I laughed lots every time I fell over.

After a while I got tired, and mummy stole the changing bag back off me and took me back to the car. Then we drove back home, and I had a quick play with my crayons before bath time.

When mummy put me into bed tonight I remembered that daddy was not here and I felt a bit sad about this, but mummy told me that he will be back soon, and that we will have more fun surprises to enjoy tomorrow. I will look forward to this.

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