Thursday, 4 October 2012

I have been extremely busy today.

This morning mummy took me to a farm with Anne-Marie and Liam, who are from our swimming class. The farm was very strange, because it is not in the countryside like other farms that I have been to. This farm is in the city near to where I live, but it still has pigs and cows and ducks living there.

While we were at the farm we visited all of the animals, and I talked to the pigs in my awesome pig voice. Then mummy gave me and Liam some bread to feed to the ducks. I threw my bread towards where the ducks were playing, but Liam decided that he was hungrier than the ducks were and so he ate his bread himself.

When we had seen all of the animals, we all went to a park nearby, and had a nice picnic lunch and found some puddles to jump in. Then we went to the playground, and me and Liam went down the slide a LOT of times.

After this I said goodbye to Anne-Marie and Liam, and mummy took me back home to get ready for my swimming lesson. Daddy was there waiting for us and he helped me to get changed into my swim nappy.

Daddy went in the water with me at swimming class today, and mummy sat on the side of the pool and watched us. Every time I saw her I shouted "mum!", and waved and grinned at her. Mummy enjoyed this very much.

When swimming class was over, the parent staff took me back home and let me play at my table while they got my dinner ready.

Even though I had not been to sleep for quite a long time, I was feeling rather energetic, and I was very hilarious all the way up until bedtime. Whilst I was sitting in my highchair, I would wait until mummy put a spoonful of food into my mouth, and then I would shout "MA!" at the top of my voice. This was an incredibly witty and hilarious thing to say, and I did it many times and laughed hysterically every time I did. Bits of food would come flying out of my mouth every time I shouted, and this made the whole thing even more funny.

The parent staff did not find this as funny as I did, but this is because they are not as witty as I am. Sometimes I feel that my funniness is wasted on the parent staff.

I had calmed down a bit by bedtime, and all of the fresh air and swimming from today had made me quite tired. I didn't want the parent staff to leave me alone in my cot, but I probably do need to get lots of sleep tonight, so that I can continue to be hilarious and energetic tomorrow.

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