Monday, 1 October 2012

Today has been a daddy day. Daddy will be working in the night time again tonight, so today he has been at home, being my staff.

One of the first things that daddy did this morning was to decide that I need to have a table and chairs all of my own. This is because of my "art". Recently I have been doing a lot of painting and drawing with my crayons (and I am making some very lovely pictures) but there is no Georgia-sized table for me to lean on when I am at work. When I paint, I have to sit on mummy's knee at the grown-up dinner table, and this means that sometimes I am too tempted to paint mummy's face, as well as the paper that I am using. So it was very good for daddy to realise that I needed a table of my own.

When I was up and dressed, daddy put me in the car and we went to a big shop that had lots of furniture and curtains and things like that in it. Most of it was boring grown-up stuff, but there were also a few small things for little people like me. Daddy found a small round table which had two chairs to go with it, and he let me sit at it to see if I liked it. The table was really cool; it had a squirrel and a flower on it and it was purple.

I liked the table very much and I felt very special sitting at it, so daddy bought me one of my own to bring home with me.

We brought the table back home, and then we got it out and put it on the floor. It did not look like the table in the shop ... it was in many different bits, and daddy had to put it all together using his "tools". While daddy was putting my table and chairs together, I helped by waving the "hammer" about.

It did not take daddy long to put my table together, and when he had finished he let me sit down at it and make a picture with my crayons. It was a beautiful picture, and I felt very proud of myself.

In the afternoon time, me and daddy went to the park and played on the playground, and when we got home I made some more beautiful pictures.

Then mummy came home from work and we showed her my new table and chairs. Mummy was very excited for me. She had a look at my new pictures and said how beautiful they were.

After this I had my dinner and bath. While I was in the bath I thought that it might be interesting to see what the shampoo tasted like, so I grabbed the bottle and tried to eat it. Mummy told me not to do this and she took the bottle away from me. I was very upset about this so I started to cry and shout for daddy. I was kind of hoping that since daddy had been so kind to me today and bought me my table, he might take my side for once and help me fight mummy for the shampoo bottle.

He didn't, though. I could tell that he wanted to - I could see him making a sad face at mummy when he thought that I wasn't looking - but he was too scared of mummy's rage to disobey her.

I forgot about the shampoo when I got out of the bath. I will have to see if I can get hold of it again at bath time tomorrow.

I am looking forward to getting up in the morning and playing with my table again. Mummy might arrange for me to have friends round to visit this week, and if she does then me and my friends can sit at my table and pretend to be like grown-ups. Only much cooler, of course.


  1. Can we see a photo of your new table and chairs and some of your pictures please? xx

  2. I have put in a picture of my lovely table, just for you. I will see if I can get the parent staff to take some more pictures of my beautiful face over the next few days as well. X

  3. Thank you Georgie!! your table and chairs are cool,the parent staff should take your picture all the tie because you are so beautiful xx