Friday, 12 October 2012

I have a great new word today. It is "legin". This is what mummy says to me when she puts on my trousers in the morning. She says it twice: once when she puts my first leg in the trouser hole, and then again when she puts my second leg in.

Recently I have started saying "legin!" as I poke my feet into my trousers each morning, to save mummy the trouble of saying it herself. I really am becoming more and more helpful every day.

This morning I decided to take my helpfulness one step further. While mummy was putting the washing onto the clothes dryer, I pulled one of the clothes out of the basket and did my best to ram it onto mummy's foot, saying "legin!" loudly while I did this.

I tried for a while to dress mummy in the clothes that I had found for her, and in the end mummy took them off me. She said that she was not going to wear the clothes, and she had a few reasons for this. One was that the clothes were wet, and for some reason mummy doesn't like to wear wet clothes. Another was that the clothes were a T-shirt, and according to mummy, we don't wear T-shirts on our legs. And her last reason was that she was already dressed, and she didn't think that she needed to have any more clothes on.

Now this last bit was true, but mummy is actually very scruffy, and I think that I would probably do a better job of dressing her than she does herself.

Anyway. After we had done all of our jobs this morning, Rachel came round to visit us, and she brought baby Olivia with her to play with me. This was fun. We went to the park for a while, but it rained as usual and we had to go home before we got too soggy. Then we all had lunch and played with my toys.

Then baby Olivia was feeling tired, so Rachel put her to bed in my cot. While baby Olivia was napping, mummy and Rachel did some painting with me, and Rachel painted a really good elephant that was holding some balloons. Mummy painted some splodgy rubbish pictures and nobody could tell what they were.

Baby Olivia did not sleep for very long in my cot. She woke up after a little bit of time and wanted to get back up again. I was very sympathetic about this. It is not nice to be put to bed by your bad mummy, while other people stay up and play without you. I have been trying to tell this to my own parent staff for ages now.

After Rachel and baby Olivia had gone back to their house, I played with mummy until daddy came home from work. Then we had a nice dinner and a very fun bath, and I went to bed and was very well behaved. Mummy says that tomorrow we are going to see some big birds. This is not actually a treat for me; it is a treat for daddy because he likes birds ... but I think that it will be fun for me to watch, anyway.

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