Friday, 18 January 2013

Today has been a very important day. It has been the first day that I have seen real snow.

Before today, the staff have shown me snow in my books or on TV, and it has looked interesting ... but I have never had snow at my house until today.

When the parent staff got me up this morning, they were very giddy like they were on "Cris-mus" morning, and they carried me over to the window to show me the ground outside. It was very white everywhere, and there was even more white falling out of the sky.

We had a look at the snow in our yard when we got downstairs. It was very funny and soft, but when I touched it I found that it was not as nice as it looked; it made my hand all tingly and cold, and it didn't want to stay in my fingers for very long. After a little while it turned into cold water and ran away onto the ground.

The parent staff thought that it would be fun to take my toy pram for a walk to the park in the snow, so they got me all dressed up in my wellybobs and lots of other warm things like my hat and scarf and mittens. But when we started to walk along the road we found that it was really slippery, and mummy had to walk behind me bent over all the way, because she was scared that I would fall and hurt myself.

It was very funny watching mummy walk like this: she looked like me when I am doing my goblin walk.

Because it was taking us so long to walk down the road, and I was getting very cold, the parent staff decided that we would go to the shop instead of the park. In the shop we bought some stuff for lunch, and then we walked back home again.

The snow carried on falling out of the sky for the rest of the day, but mummy said that there was still not enough for us to make a snowman. This was a shame, but at least I didn't have to make my hands cold again.

Instead of building a snowman, we did lots of indoor playing, like having tea parties and baking. Me and mummy made some biscuits by scrunching up some sloppy goo in a big bowl and then rolling it out with mummy's rolling pin. Then we pressed my special biscuit cutter into the goo and made cool shapes like stars and hearts and little men, and put them all on a tray to go in the oven.

While we were making the biscuits I kept asking mummy if I could have some. I said, "Peese have biscuits?" many times; but even though I asked really nicely and said please lots, mummy wouldn't let me have any until they had been in the oven.

This was really mean of mummy, because not only did I have to wait aaaaages for the biscuits to be ready, but when mummy finally got them out of the oven, she found that she had left them in for too long and now they had gone all hard and burnt.

If mummy had just let me eat the biscuits when I had asked for them, this wouldn't have happened.

The biscuits did not taste as nice as they should have done, but we ate some of them anyway, because they were still biscuits.

After our baking, we played games in the living room and the parent staff were very silly. They have a game where one person has to put a special hat on their head, and then the other person has to throw soft, squishy  balls at the hat and get them to stick there. Mummy and daddy took it in turns to put the hat on, and then they put it on me and threw balls at my head. This was very funny but also a bit confusing, because when I throw things at people's heads I normally get told off. Typical parent staff, with their silly rules which don't make any sense.

While we were playing the silly games, mummy asked daddy to pass something to her, and she called him "hunny". This was very silly of her because "hunny" is not daddy's name - "hunny" is a funny food that bears like to eat. So I started to laugh and laugh, and I kept saying, "hunny daddy!", and then laughing even more. I laughed so much that the parent staff started laughing too, but they didn't really seem to understand why it was so funny. Mummy is such a silly billy sometimes.

At bedtime, the parent staff told me that they felt bad because I haven't played outside much today. I don't feel bad about this; I have had a fun day even though the snow wouldn't let us get out much ... but the parent staff don't need to know this. It will not do them any harm to feel guilty for a little while, and spoil me a bit more than usual tomorrow.

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