Thursday, 10 January 2013

I have had a whole day with mummy today, and we have been very busy.

This morning we went to an exciting place that we have not been to before. There were lots of other mummies and babies at the place, and a lady with a box that made music. The lady made music come out of the box, and all of the mummies and babies had to dance and sing and do silly things with their hands and feet.

Then the music lady got out an even bigger box that was full of "in-stroo-ments", and all of the babies chose an "in-stroo-ment" and used it to make lovely music. I chose a beautiful big drum and I made great music by walloping it with a stick.

After all of the music had finished, some of the mummies brought out plates of biscuits for the babies to eat. I got very excited about this because I do not get to eat biscuits often (because of mummy's meanness), and when I had eaten my own biscuit, I also ate some bits of other babies' biscuits that they had dropped on the floor.

I soon realised that mummy was not very happy about me doing this, so whenever I found a piece of floor biscuit I would check that mummy was too far away to stop me from eating it, and then I would shout "Mummy!! Biscuit!!!", and shove it in my mouth before mummy could get to me.

I found that this made the biscuits taste even better.

After our music group, me and mummy went to the park so that I could feed the ducks and give my toys some fresh air. I took my new pram that I got for "Cris-mas", and I put some of my dolls and teddies in it so that I could take them for a walk with us. It is very strange, but whenever I go out walking with mummy normally, I find that I am far too tired to walk more than a few steps, and I have to wail and cling to mummy's knees until she picks me up and carries me. When I have my pram to push, however, I find that I can walk much, much further, and I don't need carrying at all.

It is a very strange thing indeed.

When we got back from the park we had lunch and then nap time, and when I woke up I found that my friend Eve was here to play, and she had brought her mummy Susie with her as well. I had lots of fun playing with Eve, and it was good to show her all of my new toys and my super-cool tent.

Mummy said that we had to stop playing after a while because it was time for our swimming lesson, so then we all got dressed into our swimming things and drove to the swimming pool.

I have not been swimming for a long time because of "Cris-mas", so I was very excited. I really wanted to go off and have a swim on my own, so when we got into the water I kicked my legs lots and shouted "Swim!! Swim!!" ... but for some reason mummy insisted on holding onto me so that I couldn't swim away from her. Mummy said that this was because if she didn't hold onto me, I would "drown", but I think that really she was just trying to spoil my fun.

It was time for tea and bath when we got home from swimming, and I was feeling very sleepy. My busy day has been tiring ... it is hard work looking after mummy all on my own.

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