Wednesday, 9 January 2013

I spent this morning with the grandparent staff. We went to the big shop to buy food, and I persuaded Nanmar to let me get down from the trolley so that I could run about and look in all the big mirrors to check that I am still as pretty as I remember being. (I am).

Then we went back home and had lunch, and soon after this mummy came home to be my staff for the rest of the day.

In the afternoon we went to Anna and Aoibheann's house to play, and I checked out all of Aiobheann's new toys from Santa, and made a pretty picture using sparkly shapes and feathers.

When me and mummy got home from our playing, daddy was there waiting for us. He helped me to eat my dinner, and then I invited him into my tent to have a tea party while mummy went upstairs to run my bath.

I normally like baths, but at the moment I like tea parties even more ... so when mummy called down to tell us that it was bath time I found myself having a bit of a brawl with her.

I paddied and shouted while daddy carried me upstairs, and then I continued to paddy while mummy lifted me into the bath.

I was feeling very sorry for myself and I felt that mummy should give me a cuddle to make me feel better, so I started scrabbling around in the bubbles and trying to put my soapy hands on mummy's arms. I was wailing very loudly and shouting "Tuddle!" over and over again.

Mummy got very cross with me ... she started telling me off in a very loud voice, so that I could hear her over my wails. She said that she was not going to give me a cuddle while I was being so naughty, and she asked me if I thought that I should be allowed a cuddle while I was behaving like this.

So I took a deep breath, open my mouth wide, and bellowed, "YEE-EESS!!!"

At this point, daddy had to do that thing where he runs out of the room and hides his face because he doesn't want me to see how much he is laughing. Mummy put her serious face on and did not laugh while she finished bathing me, but she did not tell me off again, and I thought that it might be best to stop wailing and put an end to the brawl.

I was friends with the parent staff again by bedtime, and I had a nice cuddle with mummy while I drank my milk. This was nicer and much more quiet than having a brawl, so I felt peaceful and ready for sleep by the time the parent staff put me into bed.

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