Saturday, 5 January 2013

Today has been mummy's birthday. This means that we have had to spend the whole day pretending that mummy is more important than me.

It has been a challenge.

This morning daddy got me up so that mummy could stay in bed and be lazy. But once I had eaten my breakfast, we came back upstairs to jump on mummy and throw cards at her.

Mummy took the cards out of their envelopes and read them all, and told me who each one was from. I wasn't very interested in knowing who the cards were from. I actually thought that it would be more fun to eat them; but the grown-ups would not let me do this.

Auntie Al was staying in our house too, and she came into the parent staff's room to help us jump on mummy and give her presents to open. Mummy let me help her open the presents, which was fun.

After present time, daddy got me dressed into my party dress and we all went out for lunch. All three grandparent staff were there at the lunch place, and so were Uncle Ben and some of our friends. Mummy got lots more presents to open and I ran around looking for sofas to climb on. Then I got Nanmar and invited her to come and have a special lunch party with me in my sofa den, which I felt would be much cooler than hanging out at the grown-ups' party.

For lunch the grown-ups all had pizza but mummy got me a salad, which I thought was mean. So I picked all the chicken and cheese out of my salad, ignored the green bits, and ate some pieces of pizza that Nanmar sneaked over to me when mummy wasn't looking. Heh heh.

When we had all eaten our lunch the parent staff took me home and put me in my cot to nap. I had a nice long nap and then got up to play. There were lots of grown-ups around to play with and I was very kind, making tea for them all and bringing them books to read me.

After dinner time, the parent staff took me upstairs for my bath, and while I was in the bath daddy asked me to say happy birthday to mummy, and to tell her that I love her. I said, "Happy birthday to you, mummy piggy!", and then I said, "I you!", which is what I tell grown-ups when they say that they love me (which happens often).

The parent staff said, "Aww!" and gave me lots of smiles and kisses. So then I said, "I you, daddy!", and they said, "Aww!" again, and gave me more smiles.

Then I looked around the room and spotted the toilet, so I said, "I you, toilet!"

The parent staff did not say "Aww", this time. They said that I was being silly, and that I should not love toilets as much as I love mummy and daddy. So I laughed and said it lots more times.

I think that the parent staff were laughing too - but sneakily, because they did not want me to know how funny I am.

I gave mummy an extra big kiss at bedtime, because it is her birthday. Now that I am in bed, I suspect that the parent staff will be getting up to mischief with their friends and playing silly grown-up games ... but this is okay, as long as they keep the noise down and do not disturb my sleep.

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