Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The parent staff had friends at our house today. The friends must have arrived here last night, while I was in bed asleep.

The parent staff often have friends round to play in the night time when they have put me to bed, out of the way. This is because when I am up and visitors are here, the visitors are more interested in me than the parent staff, because I am much more fun. For this reason the parent staff have their play times in the night instead of the day, so that I do not steal their thunder.

I'm not sure exactly what the parent staff and their friends were up to last night, but when they had finished being rowdy, mummy and daddy came to sleep in the big sofa-bed in my room, because there was no room for them anywhere else in the house. Then daddy woke me up with his massive pig snores, and after that I could not go back to sleep and I rolled around in my cot, kicking my legs and talking and occasionally making cross noises.

Mummy was not happy about this because it meant that me and daddy were both keeping her awake, and she was very tired in the morning. Daddy went out to work all day long and the visitors did not get up for quite a long time, so me and mummy crept around the house eating breakfast and getting dressed, and playing with our toys.

When the visitors got up it was lots of fun, because I had four extra grown-ups to play with. I had lots of books read to me and I served many cups of tea using my new purple tea set. I make really yummy invisible tea, and the grown-ups are always happy when I bring some to them.

After my morning of playing, I ate lunch and then mummy put me back into my cot for a nap. She has done this on a few afternoons recently, and at first I was not sure whether I should be cross about it ... but actually my nap time can be quite nice, and I find that I am usually happier in the afternoon if I have napped in my cot after lunch.

Mummy came to get me up from nap time after the visitors had gone home, and we spent the afternoon playing and taking my doll for a walk in her new pram. It was a nice afternoon.

Daddy was not back from work in time for my bedtime, but mummy says that he will be here when I get up tomorrow. I should get a good sleep tonight since the parent staff will be back in their own room, and daddy can share his pig snores with mummy and keep them away from me!

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