Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The snow is still with us today, but it is very sneaky. Sometimes it hides away and is almost all gone, and then at other times it sneaks back and makes the ground all white and slippery again.

It also hides in other places, away from our house, and waits for me to come and find it. Today I found it hiding in the garden at Anna and Aoibheann's house. 

At the start of today, mummy was in charge of entertaining me as daddy was finishing night time work. Then daddy came home and mummy went out to work instead. 

Daddy was well behaved today, and he did not try to fall asleep on the floor like he did the other week when he was looking after me. This meant that I did not have to tell him off, and we had a nice time playing instead.

After me and daddy had played and had lunch and done some drawing, daddy put me in my cot for my nap and went off to have a nap of his own. 

I was woken up from nap time by mummy, who was obviously back from work and wanted me to play with her. She got me up and dressed and we went out in the car to Anna and Aoibheann's house.

It was great fun at Anna and Aoibheann's. Two of my friends were there: Aoibheann and Liam. There was also Liam's new baby brother, Rory, but he was not that much fun because he is very small and quiet, and he spends a lot of time sleeping at the moment.

There is always good food at Anna and Aoibheann's. Today Anna gave us lots of pieces of toast and fruit to eat. I made sure that I had at least one piece of toast in my hand all of the time that we were there.  

After we had played inside for a while, the mummies took us all outside to play ... and this is when I realised that most of the snow has been hiding in Aoibheann's garden! There was way more snow here than there is near our house. There was so much that Anna and Aoibheann had already made a snowman, and he was standing in the garden waiting for us when we came outside.

I thought that it was a bit mean of Aoibheann to have been keeping all the snow to herself, but at least she was sharing it now. We made a new snowman, and he had a big lumpy head and a stumpy body and no hair, but he was still very beautiful. I felt very proud of him.

When we had finished our beautiful snowman, we all picked up lumps of snow and ran around throwing them at each other's feet and shouting "Snowball!" This was fun and I got some good shots in at mummy's wellies.

After we were done visiting the snow, mummy took me back home and we decided to jump on daddy, who was still napping after all of this time.

Daddy was very pleased to see us and he came downstairs to talk to me while I ate my dinner and tidied my toys away.

Mummy told me at bedtime that both parent staff will be with me tomorrow, and that we are going to have an adventure and go exploring. I am looking forward to this. I hope that we explore to somewhere where more of the snow is hiding.


  1. Wow your getting a big girl now Georgie!! Xxx

  2. Well if I'm being very honest, the snowman was VERY small ... X