Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My new teeth were being naughty again today, which has been very sad for me.

They were not naughty in the morning time, which was good because the parent staff took me to Jenny's house to be looked after while they went to work, and Jenny took me and the other little people to the big squishy playground that is inside and has soft things to jump on. It would have been no fun if my teeth had been naughty while I was in the squishy playground.

As I was feeling well and happy in the morning time, I got to run around and jump on things, and go down big slides which were awesome.

In the afternoon, after we had all eaten our lunch, I went to sleep in my special blanket bed on the floor of Jenny's living room. Jenny lets me sleep in the special bed because I am not used to going to bed in the middle of the day like the other small people, and she worries that if she puts me upstairs in a cot, I will keep the other small people awake. Which I probably would.

Anyway, I woke up because my mouth was suddenly feeling very sore, and it was so horrible that I felt like I wanted to pull all of the hurtyness out of my mouth with my fingers. So I started crying and stuffing my hands in my mouth, and Jenny came in and hugged me and gave me some magic medicine.

The magic medicine did not make the teeth stop hurting me straight away, and I stayed on Jenny's knee for a long time. I cried a lot because it was very sad.

After a while, mummy came in, and when I saw her I put my arms out for her, and she picked me up and let me cry onto her shoulder, and dribble into her hair. This made me feel a bit better. Mummy said that we were meant to be going to a "Cris-mas" party, but since I was so sad she thought it was better if we just went home instead.

I felt a bit better on the way home. We went on a bus, which was exciting. I sat on mummy's knee and pointed at other people who were sitting near us, and said, "Girl. Boy. Man." My voice was a lot quieter and more hiccupy than usual because I had been crying for so long.

When we got home, mummy spread out some of my toys and my slide in the living room, and I ran around and played with them all. I was feeling a lot better by this time, and at one point I stuffed Mim in my mouth and made my goblin face at mummy to make her laugh.

Daddy came home not long after this, and mummy went back out to work. My teeth were starting to hurt again now, so I was a bit grumpy with daddy until bedtime. He did a good job of dealing with my grumpyness.

I am feeling tired now ... Naughty teeth make you very sleepy. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow I will have new teeth and no more soreness, and I won't have to miss any more "Cris-mas" parties.

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