Friday, 14 December 2012

I have discovered a great new thing to eat lately. It is called a "potato". Potatoes are round and funny and they live in a big bag that hangs from the wall in our kitchen.

Because the weather has been so cold and rubbish lately, me and mummy have been eating a lot of potatoes at lunchtime. Mummy makes them hot and soft in the microwave, and then she covers them in butter and cheese and scrapes out their tummies with a pointy spoon. Then she puts all of the yummyness into my pig bowl, and I eat it all up with my pink spoon.

Mummy says that this is "comfort food", and that we need it to help us stay happy through the cold weather.

The yummyness is not the only cool thing about potatoes. They are also really good fun to play with, because they are round and roly and they make good balls. Today when mummy was in the kitchen doing the washing up, I stole a potato out of the hanging bag, and I walked around the kitchen and the dining room throwing it about and seeing how far it would roll.

Mummy told me a few times not to do this, because she is a spoil sport, but I was too busy laughing at the potato to listen to her. In the end mummy picked me up and stole my potato off me, and strapped me into my highchair so that I couldn't play the potato game any more.

I made some of my cheeky goblin faces at mummy while I was in my highchair, and she took pictures of me with her camera because I am cute.

This afternoon, mummy decided that she was going to try and put me into bed for a "nap" after lunch. Normally I do not "nap" for very long like other babies do, and I usually just have a quick sleep while I am out in my pram or in the car. For some reason mummy had this idea that she should train me to "nap" at home in the daytime, so that I will still have a sleep even if we are not out doing things.

What mummy didn't think about was the fact that I have been training her for a pretty long time now, to not put me to bed during the daytime when fun things are going on.

Mummy got me a blanket and some pillows and tried to get me to lie down in the living room, with the curtains shut. She even lay down next to me on the floor and closed her eyes, as if she was going to go to sleep too. I lay down under the covers, but I did not want to sleep so I rolled about and kicked my legs around and talked loudly. Then I found the remote control for the TV, and bashed mummy in the face with it, and laughed.

Mummy was not at all happy about this, and neither was daddy. (Daddy was at home with us today too.) Daddy told me that it is very naughty to bash people with remote controls, and he took me upstairs and put me in "time out" on the landing.

I was planning to be very unhappy about this and to cry very loudly, but I must have been more tired than I realised, because after just a few moments I fell asleep ... so I did end up having that nap after all.

Those sneaky grown-ups.

When I woke up, I played in the living room with the parent staff until tea time, and then I had some nice pasta and yummy pudding before my bath.

Mummy says that we have lots of things to do tomorrow. I hope that she isn't going to try training me to do something else boring and rubbish, because I really don't want to have to bash her in the face again.

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