Friday, 7 December 2012

My day today started with me being very sensible and good. I ate my breakfast, let mummy get me washed and dressed, and then sat on the floor in the living room reading books to myself.

Then daddy came home from night work and made lots of noise, and I stopped being sensible because I suddenly felt the need to laugh lots and throw myself on top of daddy while he was lying on the floor, and bite his shoulders and arms. 

Mummy put her stern face on at daddy and told him that I had been very well-behaved before he came home, and that he had made me "hy-per". I helped mummy to tell daddy off by biting him again, extra hard. Daddy squealed and shouted and tried to wriggle away from my teeth, and it was funny.

It was nice having the parent staff home with me all day long. We did some boring things like the shopping, but then we all had lunch together and we ate baked potatoes, and it was good.

After lunch we all went swimming, not to my swimming lesson but to the swimming pool where mummy sometimes takes me to play. Mummy says that this pool is "scruffy", but we like it because it is warm and not very busy, and the people who work there are very nice and bring me toys to play with.

Today in the pool, daddy put me in a little pink rubber ring, and I kicked my legs hard and chased after the parent staff and tried to eat them. I wanted to eat them because I was being a crocodile.

When me and mummy went back to the changing room after swimming, I sat on a chair and ate my snacks while mummy got herself dried and put her clothes back on. When mummy was rudie I pointed at her and shouted: "Mummy's ... bottom!!!"

Mummy said, "Shh!" and gave me more grapes to eat.

While I was eating my dinner tonight, the grandparent staff appeared at my house, so I got to play with them before bedtime as well. That was fun. I got lots of kisses from everybody and I was very kind and gave out many hugs.

It has been a nice day, and the parent staff say that they will be with me all day tomorrow as well. I hope that they are planning some good things to keep me entertained.

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