Wednesday, 19 September 2012

The grandparent staff were looking after me this morning, and I helped them to do their shopping in the big shop. I helped by grabbing things that I liked the look of down from the shelves as I went past them in my trolley seat.

I grabbed lots of big shiny red bags that crackled in my hands, and Gran kept shouting, “No, no, put the popcorn back!”, and I kept saying “Hee hee”, and grabbing more bags. The grandparent staff found this very helpful indeed.

At lunchtime mummy came home from work, and we said goodbye to the grandparent staff because they were going back home.  Then mummy put some washing in the whirly machine, and did some tidying and hoovering. I walked around with my books and kept her company.

After a while mummy went to the toilet, and I followed her into the bathroom and pointed at her and shouted, “Wee wee!” Then I walked around the toilet and prodded mummy in the bottom and shouted, “BUM!”

Mummy said that this was not a very polite thing to do, and that I should say “bottom” instead of “bum”. But she was impressed that I had got the staff words right.

Later on we went to the park, and had a long walk. We walked very far and collected lots of baby treasure, and I was very good and held mummy’s hand all the way. Once a man walked past us, and I stopped and pointed up at him and shouted, “MAN!” Mummy did not seem very happy about this, but I had felt that she needed to be warned, in case she had not seen the man herself.

We walked all the way across the park to the playground, and then we went on the swings and the slide and the roundabout.

Then mummy thought that it was time to go back home again, but she was wrong about this and I told her so. I told her so by throwing a huge paddy all the way back across the park. I paddied and shouted and stamped my feet and refused to walk until mummy had got so far ahead of me that I was worried she might actually go home without me, like the big meanie that she is.

When we were by the pond, a lady walked past us and saw me paddying, and saw mummy standing a little way in front of me waiting, and she smiled and said to mummy, “Oh, aren’t you cruel!”

I’m glad that other people are starting to notice mummy’s cruelness. It is just a shame that the lady didn’t tell mummy to take me back to the swings, like she should have done.

Anyway, mummy was getting cross because it was taking us so long to get back to the car, so one or two times she tried to come and pick me up so that she could carry me for a bit. When she did this, I had a panic, because I knew that mummy would take me even further away from the playground, so I cried more loudly and tried to run away.

Mummy got even more cross about this, because she said that people would think that she was trying to “kid-nap” me. I don’t know what “kid-napping” is, but if it is a bad thing then I’m sure that it is something that mummy does often.

In the end we got back to the car and mummy took me home, and on the way home I forgot about our brawl. Mummy didn’t forget though, and when we got back inside she made me say that I was sorry, and give her a hug so that we could make friends again.

I decided that it was best to make friends, because mummy is in charge of making my dinner, and I like dinner.

Daddy came home during dinner time, and I was very excited to see him. Me and daddy played in the living room together until bath time, and made a nice mess all over the carpet with my books and toys.

Daddy is not going to work tomorrow, so he will be at home with mummy and me all day long. I hope this means that he will keep mummy in line, and let me stay in the playground for as long as I want, and not make me say sorry when mummy is up to no good.

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