Monday, 17 September 2012

I have two new people in my life now. One is a toy that the grandparent staff have given me. It is a little white cat in a box that is small enough for me to carry around with me. I call him “Mim” and he is a nice pet for me to have. He does not look worried when I come near him like Harvey does, and I can take him with me when I go out. I love him very much and we are enjoying having lots of adventures together.

The other new person is now a member of my staff team. She is called Jenny and she is a “child minder”.

This morning, after breakfast and getting dressed, mummy put me in the car and took me to Jenny’s house to play. Jenny’s house is really cool. I have been there twice before: once with the parent staff and once on my own, for just a little bit of time. There are many, many toys and books, and there is a big garden with grass and swings and a small house for babies to play in. Best of all, there are other babies like me there playing, too. In my house the only person who is fun to play with is Harvey, and he hides a lot.

When we got to Jenny’s house, mummy talked to Jenny for a bit, and then she gave me a hug and a kiss and said goodbye. I waved to her from the front door and shouted “bye!”, and then I ran away to play and forgot all about mummy for the rest of the day.

In the morning time we all went to a play group near Jenny’s house, and we ran around and played with toys and ate toast. This was very good fun and I made friends with a little boy called Tom, who also plays at Jenny’s house and is the same size as me. I took him for lots of walks and showed him the toys that I had found.

Then we all went back to Jenny’s house, and we had lunch and painted pictures and played in the garden. I found lots of books and I pointed at the pictures in them and shouted out words in the staff language. Jenny was very impressed by how many staff words I know. I did my really good pig impression for her as well, and made my piggiest face, and she laughed lots.

Near the end of the day, I remembered mummy and I felt that she had been away from me for a long time, so I wandered out to the front door and said, “mum”. Mummy was not there, but not long after this there was a knock on the door, and when we opened it mummy was standing there, grinning in a cheesy way and looking very happy to see me (as she should be).

I said “mum” many times and hugged her, and took her to see all of the books that I had found. I sat on mummy’s knee while she talked to Jenny and Jenny told her how good I had been. I didn’t want mummy to think that I was going to be good for her as well, after she so rudely left me all day, so I threw a random paddy and shouted really loudly until mummy took me outside to the car to go home. 

Then I found that Mim was in the car, because mummy had brought him with her to pick me up, and I was happy again on the way home.

When we got home, daddy was there waiting for us, and although I was pleased to see him I was feeling a bit argumentative, so I had many more paddies before bedtime, and one super-paddy when the parent staff put me to bed. It is very hard work to be good all day long and keep all your naughty inside, and afterwards it has to pop out and make loud noises.

I’m sure that the parent staff should understand this, because I am very cute and make them laugh most of the time, and they love me even when they are cross. I will be nicer to them at bedtime tomorrow.

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