Saturday, 15 September 2012

It is the weekend again now, and as I am feeling a lot better the parent staff wanted me to have fun and go on another “ad-ven-ture”. So we packed up our things for going away, and then we got into daddy’s car and we went out into the countryside to play.

Daddy drove us to our favourite village and we went to a cafe for lunch. The parent staff ordered me some cheese on toast, but they ordered huge plates full of cakes and sandwiches for themselves, because they always eat the best food and leave me to starve and eat boring things. I ate just a bit of my cheese on toast, and then I left the rest and ran around the table trying to steal bits of cake. 

After lunch we went to the playground, and I went on the slide and the swings and I collected some baby treasure and gave it to the parent staff to hold.

Then we got back into the car and drove to the house where the grandparent staff live. This is also in the countryside. The grandparent staff have a really cool house because it has a cat and a dog, and there is a very big garden with trees and grass and a pond and a “hot-tub”. There are also lots of toys just for me, because I am the only baby who goes to play there.

When we arrived at the grandparent staff’s house, I entertained all the grown-ups by playing on the floor with my tray full of toys while they watched me. Then I did a very big bottom burp, and the grown-ups all stared at me and put their shocked faces on, and I laughed and said, “pump!” very proudly. This is a very good party trick – it always makes grown-ups laugh, because bottom burps are funny.

Then I went in the hot-tub with mummy and daddy and der (which is my special name for grandad), and I splashed about and played with the hot-tub toys. Two of the toys are little tiny people, a boy and a girl, and when you wind them up they swim across the hot-tub. I like to pick the little people up and bite their heads.

 When I was starting to get wrinkly fingers, mummy lifted me out of the hot-tub and wrapped me in a big towel, and we went inside for dinner.

I had a lovely dinner and then my bath and story and milk, and then the parent staff put me to bed in my travel cot. Tomorrow we will all get up and play some more with my toy tray, outside in the garden. It will be good fun.

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