Friday, 14 September 2012

I am still poorly today, but I am starting to be mended now.

Last night I was asleep for most of the night like I usually am, and the parent staff did not need to come in and look after me. On the night before, I was up lots and lots and in the end daddy came to sleep in my bedroom with me. This was good because when I woke up in the night feeling sad, I remembered that daddy was in the room with me, and it made me feel better.

I would not want daddy to stay in my room every night though, because he makes snorey pig noises while he is asleep, and it is annoying.

This morning the parent staff woke me up by dancing around my bedroom singing at me, which is what they do on most mornings. They are very strange people. Mostly I just ignore them, and wait until they have something sensible to say for themselves.

After wake-up time, daddy went to work and mummy gave me my breakfast and got me washed and dressed. Then we walked down the road to Auntie Beccy’s house, because we had a job to do there.

Auntie Beccy’s house is “for sale”, and this means that lots of people go there to look at it and ask silly questions about the “boy-ler” and the “ney-burs”. Sometimes me and mummy go and let the people into the house while Auntie Beccy is at work. Today mummy took a big pile of my books with us, so that I would read them and not break all of Auntie Beccy’s things.

For a while I sat and read my books, but then I saw a big bowl on the table that was full of bits of dry planty stuff that smelled nice. So then I stole some bits of planty stuff and tried to eat them, and mummy chased me round trying to stop me.

My fun was interrupted by someone knocking on the front door, and we found out that it was the people who were visiting the house. One was a lady and she seemed to be nice, but the other was a man and I was a bit suspicious of him, because I can’t help feeling that all new men are bad people who can’t be trusted.

The people looked at all the rooms in the house and I kept a close watch on the man, but he didn’t seem to do anything naughty.

Then they went away again, and me and mummy walked back home. Mummy did some jobs and I tried to get Harvey to play with me, but he didn’t want to.

It makes me sad when Harvey doesn’t want to play with me. Mummy has started to let me help with feeding Harvey now, so that he will like me more. Mummy puts the food into his bowl and I put the bowl down on the floor for him. Then I sit down on the floor next to his bowl and watch him eat.

Today Harvey would not eat his dinner when I gave it to him, so I picked up one of his biscuits with my finger and thumb, and then I followed him around shouting “mim mim mim!”, and trying to push the biscuit into his mouth.

Mummy told me to stop doing this, and she said that Harvey would eat his dinner when he gets hungry. I don’t think that this is fair, because mummy expects me to eat my dinner as soon as she puts it in my bowl. When I am able to use the staff language properly, this is one of the issues that I will raise with mummy.

This afternoon we went shopping and to the park, and we went on the swings and fed the ducks. Then we came back home and played with my toys until daddy came home.

I was feeling a lot better by bedtime, but very tired because of all the sleep that I have missed. I will sleep very well tonight and let the parent staff catch up on their sleep as well, because I am kind.