Wednesday, 12 September 2012

I am poorly again at the moment, and it is very sad. I have not been sleeping well because I have been waking up in the night time, and not having naps in the day. When I try to sleep and have nice dreams about chasing Harvey, I wake up and feel unhappy.

As I say, it is very sad.

The saddest thing about being poorly is that I have a sore mouth, and so eating my food makes me hurt. Because of this I have only been eating soft things, like squishy fruit and yogurts and scrambled egg. This is not so bad because I like all of these things, but I am missing my big dinners that mummy usually makes me.

In spite of all of the sadness, I have had a good day today. This is because the grandparent staff have been looking after me, and we have done fun things. We have taken Molly for a walk and we have been shopping, to cool places that have lots of toys for me to play with. In one of the cool places I found a Georgia-sized trolley and a Georgia-sized pram, and I walked them up and down the shop and put things in them. People saw me with my pram and said, “aww”, which is what grown-ups say when they see me and think I am cute.

When we left the cool shop, the grandparent staff bought me a little toy to take home with me. It is a tiny slide, like my other slide only much smaller, with two tiny people who I can slide up and down it. It is really good fun to play with. The grandparent staff are my favourite people.

I have been teasing the grandparent staff a lot today too. The grown-ups like it when I say their names, because they are very vain, and now I can say everybody’s name except for grandad’s. When I speak to grandad, I call him “der”. Sometimes daddy will point at everybody in the room, and I will say each person’s name when he points to them: “mummy, daddy, Geor-jar, Beccy, Ben, ganmar” ... but when he points at grandad I always say “der”. When I do this all the grown-ups laugh, and grandad pretends to be cross that I won’t say his name, but really he is never cross with me because he loves me too much.

Today I was pointing at gran and saying “ganmar”, and then pointing at me and saying “Geor-jar”, and then pointing at grandad and saying “der!!!” This made the grandparent staff laugh and say that I am cheeky.

When the parent staff came home from work today I was very tired, and I suddenly felt that I needed to be very sad and to sit on mummy’s knee and make long whiny noises, like a very sad dog. It is hard to have such a busy day teasing your grandparent staff when you are as poorly as I am.

The parent staff were both very sorry for me, and they looked at me carefully and found little blisters on my hands and feet, as well as the ones in my mouth. They stroked my hair and told me how awful it is that I am poorly, but they obviously didn’t care that much because they were also laughing at me while I made the sad dog noises. This made me make the sad dog noises even more, and I made a sad face to go with them, too.

When the parent staff put me to bed, I didn’t complain much because I am very tired, but I am still not well and I will probably wake up in the night again. The parent staff will have to come and give me hugs, and some of that nice sweet pink stuff in the bottle that mummy calls “magic med-i-sin”.

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