Sunday, 9 September 2012

Lue was still here when I got up this morning. This meant that daddy had to make a special grown-up breakfast with pancakes, because this is what he does when other grown-ups sleep at our house.

It is good when this happens, because it means that I get to eat my normal porridge breakfast, and then steal bits of pancake breakfast later on.

Today I stood by mummy’s chair while she was eating her pancakes, and I opened my mouth wide and said, “Peese! More!” many times, and mummy fed me bits of pancake and fruit to keep me quiet.

Then we all went to play in the living room and Lue read me lots of books, and mummy got some of my things together so that we could go out to the park. I helped her to pack some of my books, because I am helpful. I have some new books that arrived for me in the “post” not long ago. “Post” is always good fun, because when it comes through our door, I pick it up and run to mummy shouting “POTE!”, and then we look at it together. It was even more exciting to get “post” that was for me, because this does not often happen. The books were in a big package that had come from my cousin Beth. Mummy said that I have not seen Beth since I was very little – but I know that I like her, because she is kind and she sends me books.

In the park we had lunch and played, and I took mummy for lots of walks. Auntie Beccy and her friend Lindsay were in the park with Molly (Molly is the dog who belongs to my grandparent staff), and they all came to play with us too. Lindsay had really cool hair that I wanted to touch. She saw me looking at her hair and she let me touch it, which was kind of her. I wanted to pull it a bit but I didn’t, because it is not nice to pull strangers’ hair. It is different with people who are staff, because they belong to me, so if I pull their hair it is funny.

When we got home from the park, Lue went away back to her own house, and the parent staff put me in the car and we drove a long way away to a house where mummy’s friend Siobhan lives with her boyfriend Alex. Their house is new, and we were visiting it for the first time.

I was not very happy for the first bit of time that I was in Siobhan’s house, because it was a strange place with strange people, and I wasn’t sure if I liked it. So I had a few quick paddies, about things like mummy not going for walks with me, or letting me go up the stairs. Siobhan’s house is very tall and the ceilings are very high up, so my paddies made loads of noise and it sounded great.

Mummy did not think so though. She was very cross and she said that I was “em-bar-a-sing”, and that it is naughty to make so much noise in other people’s houses.

I felt a bit calmer after I had let some rage out through my paddies, and everything got better after that. There was nice food and I was able to explore a bit, and people read me books and were nice to me.

Mummy ran me a bath in Siobhan’s bathroom, and it had lots of bubbles and my bath frog in it so it was good.

After my bath I sat in my pyjamas and had my story and milk, and then we said goodbye to Siobhan and Alex, and mummy drove us home in the dark. I fell asleep on the way home, and when I woke up, the parent staff were putting me into my cot at home.

It has been a very busy day and I am very tired ...

I will sleep very well tonight.

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