Saturday, 8 September 2012

I have had many visitors admiring me today, and I have done some visiting myself.

After I had eaten my breakfast this morning, mummy took me into the living room to play, and I got out my books and asked for my slide, by pointing at it and saying, “Shide!” Then I had fun climbing up the slide the wrong way, and sliding back down it on my tummy.

 When the grown-ups are watching me play on my slide, they wait until I’ve climbed to the top and then they say some “numbers”, and then I slide down to the bottom and they shout, “Yey!!!”

Daddy is trying to teach me some “numbers” at the moment, but mummy says that I am too small to learn them. I am not too small though – I can say quite a few “numbers”, although I’m not sure what they mean. Every time I climbed to the top of my slide this morning, I would shout, “Mon! Two! Four!!!” and then slide back down it. Mummy thought this was great. She laughed lots and gave me many claps.

After this, mummy got me dressed into one of my pretty dresses, and we got in the car and went to see Nic and Jackson. Jackson has lots of cool toys and some books that I haven’t seen before. He is a bit bigger than me and he has some words that he says a lot. His favourite staff language words are “dirty” and “broken”. While we were playing, Nic asked Jackson if he would like to give me a kiss, but Jackson shook his head at me and said, “No! Dirty! Broken!”

Mummy thought this was hilarious, because she is rude and not nice to me, but I was not very impressed. I am not dirty or broken, I am very pretty and lovely.

After we had played with Jackson and eaten very nice lunch that Nic had made for us, mummy took us back home to daddy. Then she went out to drink silly juice with some of her friends, and left me with daddy and Lue. Lue is mummy and daddy’s friend, and she has come to stay in my house today so that she and daddy can so some re-vi-shun for her work.

Re-vi-shun is boring and I do not like it at all. It means that the grown-ups sit and look at their boring books, which have no pictures in them, instead of reading my good books with me. I pestered daddy and brought him lots of books, and I kept grabbing his finger and saying, “Walk! Walk!”, but daddy was rude and would not go walking with me.

In the end daddy thought it might be better if we went out so that I would not be as bored, and I got into my pram and we went to the park, where it was much more fun.

After the park we came back home, and mummy came back from drinking silly juice, to make my dinner and give me lots of cuddles. Her friend Heather came to see me too, and she told me how pretty I am and how much I look like daddy. I do look like daddy, only prettier.

Harvey was here for my bedtime tonight, which was good. I hope that tomorrow I will get to play with him lots, and that the grown-ups will have finished their “re-vi-shun”, so they are more fun.

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