Thursday, 6 September 2012

Daddy is working in the night-time again at the moment, so he came home this morning while me and mummy were still playing in our pyjamas. He was not as tired as he usually is, so we let him help us with our “chores”, which he was really happy about.

We also let him drive us to the big shop, and he put lots and lots of things in the trolley that mummy said we didn’t need, but that she let him have anyway because he put on his sulky face (which I use when mummy is being unreasonable too).

We spent a lot of mummy’s money in the big shop, and then we went back home and mummy did lots and lots of washing while daddy played with me in the living room.

Later on, mummy’s friend Marie came round to our house to see me and to take me and mummy out to the park. Mummy told me that I had seen Marie before, back when I was very small, but I didn’t remember her at all. I liked her though – she seemed like a good person who might read me lots of books if I asked her nicely. Daddy went upstairs for his nap while mummy put me in my pram so that we could go to the park with Marie.

In the park, we went down to the pond and threw bread for the ducks. My bread did not go very far, but this was good because it meant that the ducks came very close to me to get my bread, and I was able to make friends with them.

Then mummy said that we had to go back home, and I didn’t want to because I wanted to stay and play with my duck friends. So when mummy put me in my pram, I cried loudly and wriggled back onto the floor, and tried to run away. This happened twice and then Marie picked me up and put me in my pram so that mummy could strap me in and stop me from escaping.

I had thought that Marie was a good person, but it became clear from this that she is on mummy’s side, even when mummy is being awful. This just goes to show that you can’t trust any grown-ups really.

When we got back home, Marie said goodbye to us and went away, and mummy very quickly put my swim nappy on under my normal clothes, and packed some things into my swimming bag. Then we got in the car and went to my swimming lesson.

I have been having swimming lessons for a long time now. They are very good fun and I have made some nice friends there. The class is run by a lady called Lynn, and she teaches us to do really cool stuff like swim underneath the water, chase rubber ducks, and hold on to the side of the pool. I have not had any swimming classes for a lot of days now, so it was very exciting to be back at the pool.

Today, though, we had only been in the pool for a very little bit of time when Lynn stopped very suddenly and said that we were all going to have to get out, because someone had done a poo in the water. Mummy looked at me very suspiciously but it wasn’t my poo; one of the other babies had done it. The poo was leaking out of his nappy and he looked very pleased with himself.

Mummy always blames me for things that aren’t my fault.

After this we all got out of the pool and went to get dressed again, so that we wouldn’t get poo on us. I don’t think that I would have minded having poo on me really, but grown-ups are fussy about things like that.

Mummy drove us back home and read me a few books while we waited for my dinner to cook. Dinner tonight was fish pie – very good!! When I had eaten it we went upstairs to wake daddy up, so that he didn’t miss my bath time.

Both of the parent staff put me to bed, but Harvey was not there to say goodnight to me because he had gone out to play. I would have swapped one of the parent staff for Harvey if I had been allowed to choose.

Maybe mummy will take me swimming again soon, to make up for the poo problem in swimming class today. And for her bad behaviour in the park earlier on.

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