Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Lately I have been learning to climb, which is proving to be very useful for my missions.

Mummy went back to work today and daddy got to be my staff for the whole day. He was not great at this, because he had decided that he wanted to make a “ro-man-tic” dinner for mummy, so he was very busy for a lot of the day. This meant that he did not read me as many books as he does normally, or take me out to the park. But it did mean that he wasn’t watching me very carefully, which was good because it meant that I could play with things that I am not supposed to. Heh heh.

Early in the morning we went out to the big shop and bought lots of food for the “ro-man-tic” dinner. Daddy bought lots and lots of plums, which I thought was interesting. I wondered if I would be able to steal some of these later.

Then we went home and daddy went into the kitchen with all of his food, and I brought some of my books and toys into the kitchen so that I could keep daddy company while I played. I have to look after daddy very carefully when he is at home with me.

Daddy put some prawns and sauce onto a plate, and then he left the plate on the dining table near where I was playing. I like prawns and I thought that they would be good to play with, so I decided to use my new climbing skills to get at them. I climbed up onto a chair and then I climbed up onto the table, and then I found the prawns and pulled them all down onto the floor. Then I sat on the floor and wiped prawn sauce into my clothes.

Daddy came to see what I was doing, and when he saw the prawns on the floor he scooped them all up and put them into the bin. I was not finished playing with the prawns, though, so I sneaked over to the bin while daddy was turned away again, and I reached up to open the lid and rescue the prawns back out. Sadly daddy saw what I was doing before I could finish the rescue mission, and he told me off and sent me away to play with my normal toys.

I did play with my normal toys for a while, but then I remembered the plums, so I went on another mission to find out where daddy had put them. It turned out that they were up on the table too, so I used my climbing skills again to get some down. Then I stuffed some plum into my mouth before daddy would realise what I was doing.

Daddy caught me chewing plum, and then he took me upstairs to have my clothes changed, because they were covered in plum juice and prawn sauce. After this he watched me more closely, and I didn’t get to steal any more things.

Later on in the day Auntie Beccy came round to play, and me and daddy took her for a walk to the park. Mummy came home from work and she joined us in the park too, and I jumped on her lots and took her for walks and showed her how good I am at climbing up and down benches. Mummy was very impressed.

I did not sleep at all today, because I have been so busy climbing and doing my missions and looking after daddy, so I will have no trouble at all falling asleep tonight. I hope that mummy enjoys her “ro-man-tic” dinner, even if there are no prawns in it any more.

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