Friday, 21 September 2012

I have come up with an excellent new plan, as part of my mission to make Harvey be my friend.

The idea for the plan came from a staff language word that I have recently been using a lot. The word is “sorry”.

The grownups make me say this word when I have done something that they think is naughty, like spitting my dinner out or having a paddy in a busy place. I say, “sho-wy” and pucker my lips up to be kissed ... and the grownups say “awww!” and kiss me, and then they realise that whatever I did was not so naughty after all, and that they were wrong to tell me off.

I was thinking about this, and I felt that if I did something that Harvey thought was naughty, then I could say “sho-wy” to him too, and then he would have to kiss me and give me a hug like the grownups do.

So while mummy was doing the washing up today and Harvey was eating his dinner in the kitchen, I decided to bother him by stealing biscuits out of his bowl, and giving him pats on his bottom. Harvey got cross and walked away into the dining room, and I chased after him shouting “sho-wy!”, and holding my arms out wide to hug him, but he just walked away even faster when I did this. I puckered my lips up and made my eyes big and chased him round the table shouting “SHO-WY!! SHO-WY!!”, but he was too fast for me and I couldn’t catch him.

In the end mummy came in and told me to stop, and said that I shouldn’t chase Harvey, but she was laughing a lot while she said this. Mummy gave me a big hug and said that Harvey will be my friend when I am older, but that while I am little I must just be kind and not make him cross.

I find this very frustrating. I don’t see why Harvey wouldn’t want to be my friend now. I am easily the most interesting person in this house ... way more interesting than the parent staff.

Anyway. In spite of my Harvey plan not working, I have had a nice day. Rachel and baby Olivia have been to visit us, and we went for a walk in the park and collected baby treasure, and then we all had lunch and played with my toys back at home. This afternoon me and mummy have done some drawing as well, which was fun. My drawings were beautiful.

Daddy was not here for my bedtime tonight because he was working, but Harvey came in to say goodnight to me and to listen to my story, so that made things better. I’m sure that Harvey must want to be my friend really, under all his crossness, because he comes to say goodnight to me at most of my bedtimes. I do like him very much.


  1. Please,thank you,sorry,books and galaxy chocolate are the best words you will ever learn Georgie! XXX

  2. Thank you for the advice. I have heard mummy talk about Galaxy chocolate before. It is more "grown-up fruit" that I am not allowed ... Maybe you could sneak some to me so that I can try it?

  3. That's a very good idea Georgie but i don't think we should let mummy know incase she eats it all!! XX