Saturday, 22 September 2012

Daddy is at work all day again today, so me and mummy have been having “ad-ven-tures” without him.

When we were up and dressed, mummy drove us in the car to Frodo and Jess’s house, and we had a good time exploring their nice big garden. It was a very sunny day and there were lots of butterflies taking a nap on some stones. Mummy said that they were “sun-bathing”.

Mummy also found me a frog ... a real frog, not like my bath frog, which does not move on its own. The real frog was little and cool, and it moved very fast. Mummy showed it to me on her hand and I pointed at it and said “fog!”

When we had explored the garden, we got back into the car and drove far away, to a place where there was a beach and a wood. Frodo and Jess came too, and when we got there we all walked down to the beach and had a nice picnic on the sand.

Mummy had made me some sandwiches, but while I was eating them I spied some nice pasta that Jess was eating, and this made me realise that my sandwiches were stinky, and that I needed to spit them out and eat Jess’s pasta instead. So I stole lots of pasta and this made me happy.

After this we went for a walk in the woods, and hunted for squirrels. We did not find any squirrels, but we did find a lot of benches. I got very excited about every single bench that we found, and I shouted “chair!” and made the grownups wait while I climbed up onto each bench and then climbed back down again. The grownups did not seem to find this as exciting as I did; I don’t know why.

When we were walking back to the car after our squirrel hunt, I suddenly felt an uncontrollable need to be a lion ... so I dropped down onto my hands and knees and started to crawl across the ground shouting, “rarrrr! rarrrr!”

Mummy told me to get up so that I wouldn’t get squashed by cars, but I wasn’t done being a lion yet and so I ignored her. Mummy was not happy about this, and she picked me up and threw me over her shoulder and carried me back to the car like that. I had a brief paddy about this and I shouted, “Mummy!! Down!! DOWN!!”, because I felt that this was not at all the right way to treat someone as important as me ... but mummy is a very disobedient lady and she didn’t put me down until we were back at the car again.

I was very cross and I felt that mummy should be punished for this behaviour ... but by the time we had come all the way back home again, I had forgotten that I was cross and was just thinking about my dinner instead.

I had a nice dinner and a nice big bath so that mummy could wash all the bits of beach off me that had come home in my shoes and my nappy. Then we had a big cuddle before bedtime while I had my milk and story, and mummy said thank you to me for giving her such a lovely day.

Sometimes mummy is not completely awful. 

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