Thursday, 27 September 2012

For the last few days, every time I have been outside the house I have said, "mey-ning, gen", because it has been raining aaaaaall the time. Today, though, it was sunny for the first time in ages, so me and mummy went out to the park to play before the rain could come back and catch us.

The park was good; we fed lots of ducks and we made friends with a squirrel who came really close to us while we were walking along the path. There were lots of puddles that the rain had made for me, and I shouted "puggles!" when I saw them, and jumped in them and made my feet wet.

Mummy told me not to jump in the puddles, because she had been foolish and not put my wellies on before we came to the park, but I decided to ignore her. Puddles are meant to be jumped in, and if mummy has been silly and forgotten my wellies, then it is her fault that my shoes get wet.

When we got back home, mummy had to take off my shoes and my tights, and put them in the whirly machine to make them clean again. Then we had lunch and played with my toys in the living room. Mummy got out my crayons and paper so that we could draw pictures, but I thought that it would be more fun to annoy mummy by putting the crayons in my mouth and chewing them.

Mummy told me not to do this so I did it more, and I also stamped my feet on the paper and made it wrinkle up under my toes. Mummy got cross and told me that if I didn't stop this, she would put me in "time out". I made my cheeky face at her with my nose all wrinkled up, and shoved two crayons in my mouth to chew at once, and then I danced on the paper like a goblin.

Mummy picked me up and carried me upstairs to the landing, and then she went back downstairs and left me there.

It was boring on the landing - so boring that after a minute or two I fell asleep on the carpet, and didn't wake up until some time later on, when I realised that mummy was walking past me carrying a pile of wet clothes.

I didn't know if mummy was still cross with me or not, so when she went into her bedroom to put the clothes on the clothes dryer, I sneaked in after her and climbed up onto the bed and sat there grinning at her, with my cheesiest face on.

Mummy saw me doing this and she laughed, and then she let me come and help her hang up the wet clothes on the dryer.

Then I climbed back onto the bed and rolled around on the covers, and pulled my T-shirt up and showed mummy my tummy, and chortled lots. Mummy said that I was very silly, but she was laughing too because I am very amusing.

After this, mummy put us both into our swimming clothes, and then we got into the car and went to my swimming lesson. Swimming lesson today was really good fun. We chased some plastic ducks around the pool and we did a new thing where the mummies had to throw the babies into the water from the side and shout "splash!"

I enjoyed this very much.

When we got home from swimming, it was time for dinner, and then bath and bedtime. Daddy was not here because he was working late again, so it was just me and mummy and Harvey. Mummy says that after tomorrow, though, I will have daddy for two whole days ... so that is something to look forward to.

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