Friday, 24 August 2012

When I got up this morning, Uncle Ben was in my house. He had come to stay with us because he was having his eyes “lay-sered” near to where we live. Early this morning daddy got up and took Uncle Ben to the place where the “lay-sers” are. The “lay-sers” will stop Uncle Ben from having to wear glasses like mummy does. Mummy wears glasses and they make her look like an owl.

Me and the parent staff went to pick Uncle Ben up from the “lay-ser” place a little while later. Uncle Ben was wearing dark glasses and under the glasses his eyes were pink and strange-looking. When we got back to our house, he had to lie down in the dark and mummy had to squeeze drops of weird stuff into his eyes out of little bottles.

The parent staff took me out to a cafe for my lunch, and I ate a very nice toastie and had a strawberry milkshake. Daddy likes to buy me strawberry milkshakes as a treat when he takes me out, and I think that this is a good idea.

When we got back home from the cafe, grandad arrived in a car that he had brought for mummy to drive. Mummy’s old car is the one that did not do well in its “M-O-T”, and now it is dead. I am not very sorry that it is dead because I hope that the new car will be cleaner and not as embarrassing as the dead one.

We took grandad with us to the park for a walk. Only I wasn’t walking and neither was daddy. Daddy was riding his bike and I was in my special seat on the back of the bike, wearing my cool helmet which has flames on it. I really like being on the bike; it is fast and fun and I can see lots of dogs and talk to them as we go past. Also people point at me and say that I am cute, which is always nice.

After the park we went back home because grandad needed to go back to his own house, where gran is. While mummy took grandad away in her new car, I stayed at home with daddy. Daddy wanted to do something messy so he decided that we should paint. He wrapped me up in my Pooh Bear overalls and put paper down on the table so that we wouldn’t make a mess where the grown-ups eat their dinner. Then we made lots of pretty pictures using my paint brushes and my nice bright paints. We were very kind and we made pictures for other people as presents. Our best one was a picture for Uncle Ben which was of his scary red eye, after the “lay-sers” had got it.

When mummy got back home we opened the door for her, and I showed her my hands which were all blue with paint. We showed her our pictures as well, and she laughed at the eye one and said that daddy is “warped”.

Daddy tidied up all of my paint things while mummy made my dinner. I was very good and I ate all of my dinner tonight without spitting any of it out. I was feeling very hungry, because I hadn’t had any snacks this afternoon.

At bedtime I was very droopy and yawny, because I hadn’t had a nap all day long. I put my head on my pillow and didn’t paddy at all when mummy and daddy said goodnight to me. I am feeling happier about bedtimes now. Even though the parent staff are mean and put me to bed while they stay up and play, they always come back for me in the morning time. 

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