Thursday, 23 August 2012

I am feeling a lot better today than I was on the sick day. I still have a very runny nose, and mummy keeps wiping it with tissues (which is really annoying), but I am eating lots as usual and I am enjoying playing again.

I have done lots of playing today, but I have only had mummy to play with because mummy wouldn’t take me to see any of my friends. This is because she says that I might still have “germs”, and if I give my “germs” to my friends then they might be sick too. I wouldn’t want my friends to be sick. Being sick is not nice.

As mummy did not have to go to work today, we were able to take a long time having breakfast and getting washed and dressed. This meant that while we were in my nursery picking my clothes for the day, I could pull books down off my bookshelf and throw my cuddly bears around the room, and mummy would not mind as much as usual. I decided to make the most of this, and I made a large amount of mess.

When we were dressed and mummy had made my nursery tidy again, we went downstairs so that mummy could do some jobs, and I told her off and bashed her with books that I wanted her to read to me.

For lunch today mummy made us both some poached eggs on toast, because she said that it was a day for “comfort food”. I enjoyed my poached egg. A lot of it ended up on my face.

After lunch we went to the park. Mummy packed us some treats in her bag and pushed me in my pram. I fell asleep on the way to the park and when I woke up, I was still in my pram and a big dog was running towards me. The dog was being chased by a lady who was shouting. Mummy was sitting on the grass, and when the dog ran over to my pram she stood up and told him to go away. Mummy is a spoil sport. I said “wuffwuffwuffwuff” to the dog, which meant “stay here and play”, but the dog’s mummy sounded cross so he went away with her instead.

After that I got out of my pram and sat on the picnic blanket with mummy. I raided mummy’s bag and found snacks and books. I ate the snacks and then I put the books into my pram and took them for a walk. Then I got hold of mummy’s finger and said “walk” and took her for a walk as well. While I was walking mummy, I found some nice big yellow flowers and I stuck my face in them and sniffed them. After a while mummy took me away from the flowers because there were lots of bees in them and mummy said that I shouldn’t sniff bees. I wonder why I shouldn’t sniff bees. Maybe they don’t smell very nice.

When we had been in the park for a long time, and I had had a go on the swings and read some books with mummy, I got back in my pram and we came home. We sat in the living room and I played on my slide and threw bits of my jigsaws around the room.

After this daddy came home, and I was very excited to see him. It is a bit boring seeing just mummy all day long. Daddy played with me while mummy made my dinner, and then mummy tried to feed me my dinner and I only wanted to eat a little bit of it because I wasn’t very hungry.

Mummy was quite cross about this. I think she was mostly cross because I was opening my mouth for the dinner, but then spitting it back out down my bib. Mummy does not like it when I spit. The thing is, though, I have found that if I say “no” and do not open my mouth for dinner when the staff try to feed me, then this makes them cross as well.

Sometimes I just cannot win with these people.

Mummy had forgotten to be cross by bath time, and daddy gave me a nice bath and a story, and mummy cuddled me while I had my milk. The parent staff were a bit worried that I might be hungry in the night because I didn’t eat my dinner, but I won’t be. My tummy is nice and round, and full of poached eggs and snacks.

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