Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I am not well today.

The grandparent staff have been looking after me while the parent staff have been at work, and I have had a runny nose and a cough, and sometimes when I speak I sound like a very old man. Everyone has laughed about the old man voice but it is not funny. They should be more worried about me at this sad time.

I had a nice day with the grandparent staff, but I felt very tired and I didn’t want to tease them as much as I usually do. I also didn’t eat many snacks, which is strange because normally I want to eat snacks all day long.

The grandparent staff took me to “Dobbies”, which is a place we have been to before. It has lots of plants and lights and toys and all sorts of other things, and there is also a bit with fish in big tanks. We went to look at the fish and grandad lifted me up high so that I could talk to them.

When we had finished at Dobbies, grandad took us in his car to the “air-port” to collect my other granny, who has been away to a hot place. Granny was very brown and she had brought me back a sparkly tortoise that lights up and changes colour when you press a button under its tummy. It is cool.

We took granny back home with us and she read me some books, and then she went away again and the parent staff came home. I was feeling very tired by this time and I kept lying on the floor and sucking my thumb. Mummy picked me up and sat me on her knee and stroked my face and asked me what was wrong. I don’t think that she can have been very worried about me, though, because if she was then she wouldn’t have gone away to work and left me all day long.

Mummy made me my dinner and gave me some bits of it on my spoon. I ate two bits of dinner and then I felt really poorly and I started to cry, so mummy picked me up and gave me a hug. Then I was sick. I have not been sick for a very long time and it made me very unhappy. I wanted mummy to know how unhappy I was so I put my arms around her neck and put my face on her shoulder, and then I was sick in her hair. Mummy had to stroke me and tell me that I was okay while daddy tried to mop the sick up very fast, which he did not do very well. It would all have been very funny if I had been feeling a bit better.

Anyway, I soon stopped being sick and I started to feel a bit better, and then Harvey came in so I said “mim!” to him.

After this I felt like I could play and have books again, and mummy ran me a nice cool bath and washed the rest of the sick off me. I drank my milk and I was not sick after this, so maybe I will be well again tomorrow.

I am pleased that I saved up my sick for the parent staff, anyway. Maybe in future they will stay and play with me instead of going to work quite so much!

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