Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mummy got me up this morning, and we had to wait for aaaages for daddy to get up and come and play with us. Mummy said that this is because daddy was drinking his silly juice last night, so he needed to have a “lie-in”. When daddy has his silly juice it is usually when I am in bed, and when he gets up the next morning he looks like a troll from one of my books, and he speaks in grunts.

When I am big I will not drink silly juice, because I want to stay pretty and not look like a troll.

Daddy came in to play when me and mummy were in my bedroom getting dressed. He sat and talked to us and then his friend Sean came in to talk to us as well. Sean stayed at my house last night because he had been drinking silly juice with daddy.

When Sean had gone home to his own house, the parent staff took me to the big shop to buy food. Mummy pushed the trolley and when she got the food off the shelves, she passed it to me to throw into the trolley behind me. Usually I would get the food into the trolley, but sometimes it would go on the floor instead and mummy would have to stop and pick it up.

After the big shop we went back home and played for a long time. We played in the living room and in my nursery. Auntie Beccy came round after a while and she played with us too. She read me some books and in return I said her name for her: “Be – ty”. She was very pleased with this.

When it was time for Auntie Beccy to go away again, mummy said that we would all go for a walk to the little shop and get some “tea-bags”. I know what a tea-bag is, because once when daddy was looking after me I found some in the cupboard and chewed them up.

Auntie Beccy lives a few steps down our road, so we put her back in her house on our way to the little shop. Then we walked some more steps down the road and mummy and daddy held my hands and I was very good. In the little shop mummy got some tea-bags in a box, and I thought they would make good treasure so I took them off mummy and carried them back to our house in my hands. Only I thought it would be funny if I kept stopping and putting the tea-bag box on the floor, and then snatching it up again when mummy and daddy tried to pick it up. Mummy and daddy were cross about this, but actually it was very funny. Heh heh.

When the parent staff put me to bed tonight they told me that I had been very good again, and they said thank you to me for giving them a lovely weekend. It has been a very nice weekend, actually. I will have lots of good things to dream about tonight.

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