Saturday, 18 August 2012

Both of the parent staff were entertaining me today. Mummy got me up and gave me lots of kisses, and when I had eaten my breakfast we went to jump on daddy.

I like days when I get to jump on daddy. Daddy does not like mornings so it is nice for him to have me jump on him and pat his face, because it helps him to wake up properly. Once I am sure that daddy is properly awake and won’t go back to sleep when I leave the room, I go and get books and then I bring them back into mummy and daddy’s room and make them read to me.

Today we had many books and then daddy got me dressed (in my cat outfit of course). Then we got in our car and went on an adventure to “I-KE-A”. I’ve never been to I-KE-A before, and it is a very exciting place. It is a very big house with lots of bedrooms and kitchens and bathrooms, and you can go in all the different rooms and play, and then you can get things from the rooms and put them in your trolley and take them back to your own house.

Mummy got very giddy when we were in I-KE-A, and she wanted to buy all kinds of things for my room, like a sofa and an armchair and a pig in a princess costume, and daddy had to have stern words with her so that she would behave herself.

We had a look at some beds with no sides on them, because I will have one of these when I’m bigger. For now I have a “cot” which has sides on it to stop me from getting out of bed in the night time. If I had a big person’s bed, I would get up when mummy and daddy had put me to bed, and I would get all of my books down off my bookcase, and I would probably wait until mummy and daddy were asleep and then I would go into their room and jump on them. I am looking forward to when I have a big bed and I can do these things.

Most of the time when we were in I-KE-A  I was in the trolley seat, but after a while I got bored and so I got hold of mummy’s hand and said “Walk! Walk!” in the staff language. Mummy was so happy that I was talking to her in staff language that she was foolish and let me get down onto the floor. I used mummy’s foolishness as an opportunity to run around between the tables and chairs, laughing, while mummy and daddy chased me. This went on for a little while and I enjoyed myself mightily, but then mummy and daddy captured me and put me back in the trolley for the rest of the visit.


When we got home from I-KE-A, the parent staff took me out to meet our friends Frodo and Jess at a cafe near our house. Frodo and Jess are grown-ups like mummy and daddy, but they are nice and good fun in spite of that. Frodo is named after a man with big blue eyes who is sometimes on the “T-V”, walking around with no shoes on and complaining a lot.

When we got to the cafe we sat outside in the garden, and daddy bought me a strawberry milkshake made with real strawberries. I played on the floor and I found lots of pieces of grey stone and put them on the table for the grown-ups to play with while they were eating their food.  

After the cafe we went home again, and Frodo and Jess came with us. We all sat in the living room and played with my toys and books. It was very hot and sticky so mummy let me run around in my vest and nappy, which was good fun. I was in a very good mood and I made many faces at the grown-ups and laughed lots, which made them laugh and tell me how cute I am. It is nice to make grown-ups laugh.

It was bathtime and bedtime not long after this. When the parent staff put me into my cot tonight, I found that mummy had put my new pillow in there too. My new pillow is blue and we got it from “I-KE-A”. It is the first time that I have had a pillow and I think it is good because it means that I am one step closer to getting a big bed.

When the parent staff said goodnight to me and gave me my kisses, they told me that I have been very good today. They have been good too. I hope that they keep it up.

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