Thursday, 16 August 2012

This morning when mummy got me up, I decided to bug her by saying, “Dad-dy! Dad-dy! Dad-dy! Dad-dy!” until daddy came into the room to say good morning to me. Mummy said that I was “charming”.

Today was one of my full mummy days, and it turned out that mummy had made careful plans for my day’s entertainment. She was taking her car for its M-O-T, which involved driving us to a garage across town. We had to leave the car at the garage and go away and play for a long time while we waited for the M-O-T  to be done. I wasn’t sure what an M-O-T was, but I hoped that it was something to do with getting cars cleaned. Mummy’s car is so dirty it’s just embarrassing.  

Anyway, after we had taken the car to the garage, mummy put me in my pram and we walked away looking for the park. Mummy was not sure how to get to the park because she is silly and gets lost very easily, but kind people kept stopping and offering us directions.

When we got to the park we put our blanket down on the grass and set up our things, which were my toys and books and lots of food. Then I collected some pieces of baby treasure and put them in my pram and took them for a walk.

We had brought bread for the ducks and we walked over to the pond so that we could feed them. Mummy kept giving me chunks of bread to pull apart and throw for the ducks and the pigeons. I can say “bread” in the staff language, and I said it whenever mummy gave me a new piece of bread to throw. There was one funny-looking duck with a white head that I really wanted to feed, so I started to follow him round shouting, “BREAD!!!!!” ... but for some reason he just kept waddling away really fast whenever I came near him. Very ungrateful, I think.

When we had fed the ducks mummy decided that it was time for us to have food, so we had our lunch on the blanket. It’s nice having lunch outside, because mummy doesn’t mind as much when I make a mess.

After lunch my Auntie Sophie came to meet us in the park. Auntie Sophie is my godmother, and she had come to tell me how pretty I am. That is what godmothers, and most other grown-ups, are for.

We took Auntie Sophie for a walk in the park and then we walked back to the garage to get our car. Mummy was not happy because the M-O-T had not gone well. When we got back in the car I was sorry to see that it was just as dirty as ever, so maybe the M-O-T people had decided that it was just too gross to clean. I don’t really blame them.

We went home and because it was still sunny, we sat outside in the yard and ate more things and mummy let me sweep up with the big brush.

Then Auntie Sophie went away and daddy came home. When I heard him coming in through the door I shouted “Dad-dy! Dad-dy! Dad-dy!” again, and he liked this.

Daddy read books to me while mummy made my dinner, but I was getting hungry so I kept sneaking into the kitchen to hurry mummy along. In the end mummy got cross with daddy and told him off for letting me escape. It is very easy to escape from daddy because he keeps looking at the T-V, so he is not always very good at watching me.

After dinner we had my bath and story as usual. I was a bit sad because Harvey didn’t come in for my bedtime like he usually does. It doesn’t really matter though – I will play with him lots tomorrow (and give him many biscuits of course).

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