Saturday, 25 August 2012

For some reason, I have had a lot of rage today. I don’t really know where it came from, to be honest. It wasn’t there when I got up this morning. This morning I woke up in a lovely mood, and I played in my cot with my books for ages before mummy came in to get me. Then we went downstairs to see Uncle Ben and his big red eyes, which he said were feeling lots better today.

Granny came round quite early in the morning. She was going to pick Uncle Ben up and take him back home with her so that he didn’t have to take his big red eyes on the train. While Granny was with us, we sat in the living room, and since the grown-ups were talking I got bored and decided that I needed mummy to come for a walk with me. So I got hold of her finger and said “walk”, and then I led her to the kitchen and we stood and stared at the fridge for a while. Then mummy said that we had to go back into the living room ... but back in the living room the grown-ups were being boring again, so I tried to take mummy for another walk. Mummy was very awkward about this and she told me that she was talking, and she didn’t want to go for a walk to the kitchen just to stare at the fridge.

This made me cross, so I stood in front of mummy and cried loudly and squeezed out some rage tears. When mummy asked me to stop crying I cried louder, because she was annoying, and mummy pointed up to the stairs and asked me if I wanted to go into “time out”. I didn’t want to go into time out so I stopped crying, but I did not forget that I was cross, or that mummy had been bad.

Daddy came home from work not long after that. At the moment daddy is working in the night time, and this is why he came home from work in the morning. I ran to daddy and gave him a big hug when he came through the door, and I wanted to tell him all about how cross I was ... only I didn’t know enough words in the staff language to make him understand how bad mummy had been.

Soon after this, daddy went upstairs to bed and Granny and Uncle Ben went away, so mummy put me in the car and took me to the park to play. I fell asleep in the car and when I woke up, a lot of my rage had gone. I had a nice time playing in the park with mummy. We collected some baby treasure (one of my treasures was an empty crisp packet and mummy wouldn’t let me keep this), and we went to say hello to the ducks. The ducks were very pleased to see us.

When we got home, mummy let me paint again and I made some lovely pictures by putting my whole hand into the paint dish and then wiping it across the paper. Mummy told me that I am “talented”.

After mummy had made us clean again (which took quite a long time), we went upstairs to jump on daddy and wake him up. Daddy was very pleased to be woken up so that he could come and play with us.

We played downstairs and I could feel my rage starting to come back again as it got closer to dinner time. I was getting tired of the parent staff bossing me about, so I said “no” to lots of things that they asked me to do, even if they were things that I actually wanted to do (like helping to feed Harvey). I hoped that this would teach them a lesson, but sadly it didn’t seem to.

At dinner mummy had made me a “curry” that she said was very nice, but actually it tasted yucky, so I spat lots of it out. Auntie Beccy had come round to watch me eat my dinner, and she had to be serious and tell me that I was naughty to spit out my dinner, but really I could tell that she wanted to laugh.  

When it was my bath time Auntie Beccy was going to go back home, and daddy told me to give her a kiss goodbye. I said “no” to this, because of my rage, and then the grown-ups all said goodbye to each other and I decided to give Auntie Beccy a kiss after all because I didn’t want to be left out.

During my bath time I had more rage, because daddy was trying to read me my bath story and he was doing it wrong, so in the end he gave up and told me that I wasn’t having a bath story tonight.

I had rage when I got out of the bath, too, especially while mummy was drying my hair with the towel. Mummy and daddy were very stern with me and they told me that my rage had to stop before I could have my milk.

My milk was nice and it made a lot of my rage go away.

When they put me to bed tonight, mummy and daddy asked for me to have less rage when I get up tomorrow. I will see about this. I think that I will sleep well tonight, because all of the rage has made me very tired. 

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