Friday, 31 August 2012

This morning I had a brawl with mummy.

Mummy had given me my breakfast and brushed my teeth and got me dressed, and then she sat on the bed in my nursery and asked me to bring her my hairbrush.

This happens every morning, and normally I am happy to go and get my hairbrush from the shelf that it lives on, and to bring it to mummy so that she can make my hair fluffy … but today it occurred to me that maybe mummy should stop being so lazy, and get the hairbrush herself if she wanted it.

So I shook my head and said “no”, very seriously.

Mummy put her stern face on and told me that if I didn’t bring her the hairbrush, then I would have to sit on the landing. I thought about this and decided that it would be better to sit on the landing than to let mummy win the brawl. So I shook my head again, and mummy put me on the landing and left me there for a bit of time. While I was on the landing, mummy went back into my nursery and kept the door shut behind her, and I knocked on the door with my hand and made dog noises. I kind of thought that mummy might laugh at this, because it is usually very easy to make her laugh, but if she did then it was a very quiet laugh that I couldn’t hear.

Then mummy opened the door and let me come back into the nursery, and she asked me if I wanted to get my hairbrush yet. I didn’t, so I said “no” again, and mummy put me back on the landing.

This happened many times, and in the end I realised that I was going to have to be the sensible one and go and get the hairbrush, because mummy was far too stubborn and lazy to back down. And also, I was getting bored by this time.  

Anyway, after I had finally had my hair made fluffy, the day became much more fun. Mummy packed me and my things into our car and we went to pick up her friend Heidi, who lives near the beach. Then me and mummy and Heidi went to the beach to play, and we had a lovely time.

First we went to a café for lunch, and then we went for a walk by the water, where the wind was very blowy. Then we went down onto the sand and Heidi made a bridge and I squashed it. While Heidi was making her bridge, mummy was digging a hole in the sand. Heidi helped her by finding a plastic lid that had come off some kind of tub, and giving it to me so that I could scoop sand out of the way.

I didn’t know what the hole was for, until mummy picked me up and put me inside it. Then I realised that she wanted to bury me!! For a moment I wondered if this was about the hairbrush brawl earlier, but then I decided that it was probably just because mummy is strange.

Mummy filled the hole back in with sand that covered my legs and went all the way up to my tummy. Then I had to kick my legs hard and shake the sand off me to escape. We did this a few times until mummy and Heidi got bored, and then they decided that we should walk some more. I didn’t really want to come away from the beach, because I was having fun playing with the sand and getting buried, so I shook my head when mummy said that it was time to go, and sat down on my bottom and refused to move. But then mummy and Heidi walked away up a path and I couldn’t see them any more, so I thought I had better follow them in case they left me there and forgot to come back and get me.

Mummy put me in my pram after this and I must have fallen asleep during the walk, because the next thing I remember is being put back in the car ready to go home.

We dropped Heidi off at her house, and then me and mummy went home to find daddy.

I was very hungry after this very busy day, and I ate all of my dinner up very fast. When I was getting ready for bed, sand kept falling out of my clothes and I made a nice pattern of it on the carpet for mummy to clean up. She will have to do this when I am sleeping. It will serve her right for burying me earlier. 

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