Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Today I have had a whole team of staff looking after me. Mummy has been at work, but daddy has been on duty all day, and Auntie Al and Sammy are still here so they have been in my staff team too. 

This is good because it means that there is always someone around to read me books. I find that often the staff can be quite unreasonable, and when they have read me about ten books, they get bored and say that I have to do something else because they are not going to read any more. Since I had three staff people around today, I could take my books to Auntie Al or Sammy if daddy started to be unreasonable.

This morning me and daddy didn’t get dressed for ages. Instead we ran around in our T-shirts and our nappies, and we read books and jumped on mummy and daddy’s bed. Daddy calls this “slobbing”, and it is fun.

After our “slobbing” time, we got dressed and then we went for a walk with Auntie Al and Sammy. We walked for a long time down a big road, and then we went to a cafĂ© for lunch. Daddy bought me a strawberry milkshake and some eggy bread, and I ate it all because it was yummy.

When we walked back home, we walked through the park so that I could collect treasure and flowers for mummy. We had my pram with us and I decided that I wanted to push it along, but the pram is much taller than I am and I couldn’t see where I was going, so it was boring. I thought it might be more fun if I walked in front of the pram and pulled it along behind me instead, but the pram kept running over my feet then, and this made me cross.

In the end daddy picked me up and put me inside the pram and then he pushed us both along. This made me cross too, but at least my feet weren’t getting run over any more.

When we got home, daddy decided that we were going to do some “bay-king”. “Bay-king” is where you go into the kitchen and you put mummy’s chopping board on the floor, and then you cover it in flour and butter and sugar. Then you mush all the flour and butter and sugar together in a bowl, and most of it goes on the floor and down your clothes.

We had nearly finished “bay-king” when mummy came home from work. Auntie Al tried to stop mummy from coming into the kitchen but mummy came in anyway, and when she saw all the flour on the floor she made lots of squawking noises and was pretty cross with daddy.

I’m sure that daddy is very naughty, but I don’t know what mummy was so cross about. The kitchen was pretty messy even before the “bay-king”.

Anyway, me and daddy had made “cookies”, and I was allowed to eat one of them with my pudding. Mummy said that maybe I should not have one, because they were “floor cookies”, but I had one anyway and it was good. Then me and daddy put two of the “floor cookies” in a little box and we walked down the road to Auntie Beccy’s house and gave them to her as a present. Daddy didn’t tell Auntie Beccy that they were “floor cookies”.

I had a big bath tonight with lots of bubbles, so that mummy could wash all of the “bay-king” off me. I like big baths. After this day, I would like to do “bay-king” every day so that I can make a mess, and eat “floor cookies” and have big baths every night. I think that this would be a very good thing.

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