Sunday, 2 September 2012

I have discovered a new staff word, which has magic powers and gets me things that I want. The word is “please”.

Today the parent staff took me to a “food festival” in the park. There were lots of people and tents and nice smells, and grown-ups giving out bits of food on sticks. The greedy parents were very excited about all of this. Daddy kept looking for sticks that had sausage on them. Daddy is very greedy about sausage.

For most of the time that we were at the “food festival”, I was in my backpack on daddy’s back. This is because when the parent staff had let me go on the ground and asked me to walk with them, I kept finding that I needed to say “no” and run away in the opposite direction. This was a lot of fun for me, but mummy said she was worried that I might get lost. Mummy and daddy would be very sad if they lost me, because their lives would be very boring and they would have no one to tell them off when their behaviour is bad.

It was okay in the backpack, anyway. I got to see far away things and the parent staff let me try lots of the food on sticks. Auntie Beccy was at the “food festival” with us. She was in a “com-pe-ti-shun” where she had to make a cake, because she makes good cakes that I never get to eat unless I am quick enough to steal them. Once she made little pies for a picnic and I stole two of them and stuffed them in my mouth before the parent staff could stop me. That was a good day.

While I was in my backpack, daddy and Auntie Beccy bought some bowls full of beef stew, and they gave me some of it on a spoon. This is how I learnt about “please”. I was opening my mouth for the stew, wide like a lion, and mummy said, “Say please”. So I said “Peese!”, and daddy gave me some stew. After that, as soon as my mouth was empty I would say “Peese!” again, and the grown-ups would laugh and give me more stew because they were happy that I was saying the magic word. It was useful to be able to control the grown-ups this way.

After the grown-ups decided that they had eaten enough food on sticks, we went back home across the park. On the way home I went to sleep, and when I woke up I played lots and spent some time with my books, as I had not been able to read any of them while we were at the “food festival”.

Tomorrow I will be having a day with mummy. The grandparent staff are going away to a sunny place, so mummy will play with me instead of going to “work”. 

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