Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I was woken up this morning by my very loud and very crazy parent staff bursting into my room, and dancing around my cot singing loud songs about Santa into my face.

 When mummy lifted me out of the cot, I saw that there were parcels on my bedroom floor, wrapped in penguin paper and looking very interesting. 

When mummy had done her nappy duties, she put me down onto the floor and let me attack the parcels, and after I had pulled off all of the paper I found a big floppy rag doll, some books, and a really awesome pink car for me to ride on. Daddy told me that these were all presents from Santa, to thank me for being such a good girl. If this is true, then I should get penguin-paper presents every day, because that is how often I am good.

The parent staff carried me and my presents downstairs, and I rode my pink car around the kitchen while daddy made breakfast. 

We had visitors at breakfast time: all three of the grandparent staff, and Auntie Beccy. They stayed with us for the whole day, and Auntie Al arrived later in the day as well. This meant that I got even more presents for being good, and that the grown-ups got some presents as well. The grown-ups' presents were boring things; so boring that I did not even want to steal them ... but maybe this was because none of the grown-ups have been as good as I have.

My presents were really cool and not at all boring. I got a pram, some cuddly toys, many, many books, a tea set, and a super-big yellow and red tent that would fit four or five Georgias in it. I got many other things as well, but it would take me a very long time to remember them all. Mummy said that there is not enough room in the house for her and daddy any more, and that they will have to move out and leave the house for me and my toys. 

This would be okay with me, as long as they leave Harvey here with me, and come back every day to give me some dinners. 

After everyone had opened all of their presents, we all went into the dining room to eat a special dinner that daddy had made for us. I was feeling a bit giddy and like I didn't really want to eat daddy's special dinner, so when mummy tried to feed it to me I only ate a few mouthfuls. I didn't get into much trouble for this because I have had a cough lately, and mummy thought that maybe I didn't want to eat much because my throat was sore. 

Ha - silly mummy!!!

I escaped out of my highchair after a while and ran away to play with my toys. Then a little bit later on, I came back into the dining room and found that the table was covered in yummy little puddings that Auntie Beccy had made. 

I am not usually allowed to eat grown-up puddings, but I thought that because I have been so very good, maybe Santa would like me to have a few extra presents ... so I ran over to the puddings and stole some, and crammed them into my mouth before the grown-ups could stop me. 

Some of the grown-ups laughed about this and some of them (mainly mummy) told me off, and after that they guarded the puddings very carefully so that I couldn't get them. I stood by the table and made my pig face at the grown-ups to distract them, and then when they were busy laughing at me I made more pudding attacks. I wasn't quite fast enough to get any more puddings to eat, but I did get to stick my fingers in a few of them, which was good.

The unfortunate thing about the pudding attacks was that mummy realised that I did not have a sore throat after all, and will probably not be so understanding in the future when I do not want to eat my dinner. When I think about it, though, I feel that the puddings were worth it.

I had lots of kisses to give out at bedtime tonight, and I was very tired by the time I went to bed. Mummy says that I must get a very good night's sleep, so that I have lots of energy for playing with all of my new toys in the morning.

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