Monday, 13 August 2012

Today was a good day, because I got to be with gran and grandad while mummy was at “work”. Mummy goes to “work” on three days every week: two big days and one little day. While she is there, gran and grandad stay in our house and they are my staff.

When gran and grandad are with me we do fun things, like going out for lunch and walking their dog, and visiting the library. The library is a magical place where loads and loads of books live, and when I go there I can choose some books that will come and live with me in my house for a while.

When mummy had gone out today, me and gran and grandad took Molly for a walk in the park. Molly is gran and grandad’s dog. She is nice and I like her, but not as much as I like Harvey.

We had fun in the park. It was sunny and there was lots of baby treasure to collect, and lots of dogs to talk to.

After the park we went to the big shop, and gran and grandad took me upstairs and let me run around where the clothes are. I like this part of the big shop because there are long mirrors that have me in them. I kept taking gran over to the mirrors and pointing at mirror gran, and then pointing at mirror me, and then saying, “Gan. Geor-gia!” Gran was very impressed by how clever I am.

In this part of the big shop there are also lots of very skinny, grey people, who are dressed in the clothes from the shop but who never move. Sometimes the grey people don’t have any hair. Gran calls them “man-e-kins” . I like the “man-e-kins”; they are funny and I try to get them to talk to me. I run over to their hands and offer to give them a high-five, but so far they never want to give me one back. I will keep trying whenever I see them.

After we had done our shopping, we went to the cafe in the big shop and had snacks and drinks. While we were there we saw the boy who belongs to daddy’s cousin Rachel. He is called Iain and he is nice. He came over to talk to us and I showed him all the words I can say, and I gave him a high-five and a kiss.

I was very tired by the time mummy and daddy came home ... so tired that I didn’t even want to eat all of my pudding after dinner. Tomorrow I will be with gran and grandad again. If we go back to the big shop, I will get a real high-five from a “man-e-kin”.


  1. Can she really recognise herself in the mirrors, she's so clever! Love your blog Georgia, keep em coming! x

    1. Yes I can. I can recognise myself in photographs too ... it's easy because I am the really pretty one