Friday, 10 August 2012

Mummy seemed to be in a hurry this morning while she got me up and gave me my breakfast. While she was getting me dressed I realised that this was because we were going swimming in the busy pool. I could tell, because instead of putting on one of my normal nappies, she put me in one of the big thick yellow nappies that I wear in the swimming pool, and she put my red swimming costume on under my dress.

When we were dressed and our things were all packed into my swimming bag (which has cats on it, by the way), mummy drove us to the swimming pool and we went in and met our friends, Rachel and Olivia. Rachel is a mummy like my mummy and Olivia is her baby. Olivia is smaller than me and she doesn’t walk or say any words in the staff language yet. She is very nice though and when she is at my house I like to stroke her head and bring her things, like toys that I don’t want to play with right now.

We had loads of fun in the swimming pool. There were lots of toys to play with and I had a go in a rubber ring with ducks on it. Usually I go to my swimming lesson every week, but I haven’t had a lesson now for many weeks because it is the summer holidays. I don’t see why this should stop me from having my lesson, but never mind. At least I got to go swimming today, and mummy did a few things with me that we do in my lessons, like swimming under the water and holding on to the side of the pool. Mummy says she is very proud of me and that I am a very good swimmer. She still won’t let go of me when we’re in the water though, even when I try to peel her fingers off me. She says that this is because I will drown. I don’t know what “drown” means. I think mummy is just being a nuisance.

 After swimming mummy and Rachel took me and Olivia to the park. We sat on the big blanket and ate snacks and played with my books and toys. When Rachel and Olivia said goodbye to us and went home, me and mummy stayed on the blanket and played some more. I’ve found a new thing that is fun to do when I’m with grownups. When I start to get bored, I will get hold of their thumb and say “walk” in staff language, and then I will drag them away by the thumb in whatever direction I want to go. I do this most with mummy and it makes her laugh. I like to make mummy laugh.

When mummy took me home she started to walk around doing jobs. She was packing things up into boxes and bags in my nursery, and I helped by taking things off my changing table and throwing them on the floor. For some reason mummy didn’t seem to find this helpful, though, and she put her cross voice on and told me to pick them up and put them back. I put some of them back and then went to get books down from my bookcase.

When daddy came home from work we all had tea together, and then I had my bath and story and milk as usual. But then, instead of putting me into bed, mummy and daddy carried me downstairs and put me in the car and started to drive away. The car was full of all the bags and boxes that mummy had packed up earlier on.

I felt a bit cross because it was my bedtime and this isn’t what we usually do ... but then I must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I remember is the sky being a lot darker, and waking up in mummy’s arms, and blurry faces wanting to kiss me ... And then mummy and daddy put me down next to my bedtime dinosaur and told me to go back to sleep.

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