Tuesday, 7 August 2012

This morning daddy got me up while mummy was getting ready for work. When daddy gets me up it means that it will take a long time for me to have my breakfast and get washed. It also means that daddy will dress me in his favourite outfit of mine. This is a denim dress with a cat on the front. I like cats. My cat is called Harvey, and when I see him I say “mim”, because this is the noise that cats make.

When daddy had finally got me washed and dressed, I played with my toys in the living room while daddy looked at the computer. Then he went into the kitchen to find food and I followed him. While he wasn’t looking I got Harvey’s box of food out of the cupboard. There is a small hole in the box that I can fit my arm in, and if I reach down far I can get biscuits out and put them in Harvey’s food bowl. I did this a few times before daddy saw me and told me off.

I didn’t want to be told off, so to teach daddy a lesson I put a Harvey biscuit in my mouth, and then ran over to daddy and opened my mouth wide to show him. Daddy was very cross then and he put me on the upstairs landing, with all of the doors shut, for some “time out”. While I was having “time out” daddy’s phone rang, and I could hear him talking to mummy. I got excited about this so I started making animal noises so mummy could hear. I made a pig noise and I could hear daddy laughing, even though he was trying to be cross.

In the afternoon daddy took me to the park on the bike, and we went on the swings. Then we sat in the big field and mummy came back from work and came to play with us. I ate some snacks and jumped on the parent staff and picked some flowers.

At bedtime Harvey came into my room to listen to my story, and he said “mim”, which meant, “thank you for the biscuits”. I will give him more biscuits tomorrow.

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